The Mess You Left Behind.

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Never trust someone who tells you what you want to hear unless they're dating you.

Submitted: February 17, 2012

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Submitted: February 17, 2012



You played me like a fish on a line,

told me what I wanted to hear, then

sat back and watched me fall. I so

nearly gave up everything I had to

be with you, but I'm glad I kept my

head firmly on my shoulders.


"I either love you more than anyone

else, or hate you more than anyone

else" - that's what you told me, then 

you said you loved me. Promised me

the earth, moon and stars, but didn't

realise I wasn't as stupid as you thought.


So feel free to watch the fallout from the

bomb you dropped. I will never love you

again, I will never fall for your lies again,

and I will never consider you a friend to

me. You told me what I wanted to hear and

I fell for it like a good'un, but never again.


"I love you and I want you" - seven words 

that you knew I wanted to hear. Those

words could have ended my relationship,

but I'm glad I wasn't stupid enough to throw

it all away. So go on your way, and let me deal

with the mess you left behind.

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