Men's View on Coupons

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Over heard conversation between a father and son about their shopping adventure to come.

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



I am a live in housekeeper and caregiver. Part of my job is to manage household expenses and provide a weekely grocery and supply list for my elderly client and his son. Each week, Son picks father up and they do the shopping. Night before son was to pick on father, I accidently over heard this conversation in progress over a speaker phone:

Son: Did she give you the lists?

Father: Yeah, I got them. Doesn't look to bad this week. Nothing I don't recongnize.

Son: Thats good, did you hide the ads from the paper?

Father: She found them. But said she didn't see any coupons for anything we need this week.

Son: Does that mean we get to eat tomarrow then?

Father: Yea, we should save at least an hour not having those coupons to deal with.

Son: (Huge sigh heard over the phone)....good, but dad, you have to find a better place to hide those ads before she finds them next week.

Father: I'll be working on that.

At that point, I was laughing so hard, I had to go on and leave the room!

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I spent a number of years working in assisted living and nursing homes. One evening as it was getting time for desert to be served, one of the newer girls pancked because there was no cool whip to go on the dishes of pudding. Thinking fast, she quickly unwrapped sugar free turtle candies and placed one artfully on top of each perfectly chilled pudding cup.

Residents commented on how wonderful it looked, and of course, chocolate candy being a very rare treat, they all happily chomped down on the candy. At first, we thought her idea had worked, but then, we started noticing how quiet everyone had gotten and realized the reason. All around the room, residents were fighting to get their dentures back out of the candy. Those who had managed to chomp though the hard candy, now found their teeth glued together by gooy mire like carmel. Those who didn't sink their choppers in, were determindly trying to knaw into the hard disks. Each candy was also slick with pudding, making holding on to them very tricky. One of the assistants ran to get the camera, while myself and the new girl went around trying to help residents get their dentrues unstuck and back into their mouths. Didn't help that some were unwilling to give up on their candy treat, and went right back to trying to eat them. Thankfully, most of the residents were good humored about the whole incident and had a hard laugh about it.


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