The Pain That You Left Me In

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This poem is about Robert Littlejohn a want to be musician.

Submitted: December 15, 2014

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Submitted: December 15, 2014



The pain that you left me in when you walked out on me,

tells me just one thing I will never be the same way I use to be,

It tells me that I never be able to trust and love another man,

This reminds me what Bess told us all men are "Peter Pans",

you did not want to grow,  you ran off and left me to die,

you would not get admit that you were wrong and you did

not care that you broke my tender and loving heart.

You ran off to be some thing you will never be although

Jenn Smith and others told you how stupid you are being

trying to break into the music industry and get a real job,

what is your problem may I ask,  you have turned into a slob.

You beg from your church of Christ, go from church to church for a bed to sleep in

from November 1 to March 31, but then where will you go back to the men's mission.

You were a coward, cheater, womanizer, and I just wonder why you pretend to be a Christian

when you have done all those things,  I know God will forgive you but I will not you see.

You took and I gave until I said no more and you told lies to people they did not believe you

because they were untrue - you are no Christian just religious and that will not save you.

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