The Giant Foot

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

where did this invisible giant come from?

The Giant

As I was out walking one day I came across a an unusual stone. It appeared to be a giant's foot. Looking closer there seems to be two feet side by side.

How could this be? Well let me tell you a story about how it could have happened.

Long, long time ago in an age of dwarfs and elves there was also giants. The big ones kept mostly by themselves. They were gently creatures and worried about hurting others because of their size.

These giants were like any other parent. They doted on their children. Well you can image that some of the children were a tad spoiled.

Little Ingle was a lot spoiled. He was small for his size and his two big brothers and older sister gave into him all the time. Mom always let him get away with things saying "he is so small". Dad tried to set him straight but it just did not work with so many giving in to Ingle.

One day the fairies came to visit their friends. Maka (the oldest) warned them that one day Ingle would get in real bad trouble and there would be nothing the giants can to help him. Mom and Dad begged for Maka to help. She finally gave in saying she would. It would not be much but one day---far far into the future he would be saved. They cried but accepted it.

Sure enough the day came. Ingle was playing with his brothers and sister when it started to rain. They all went running off in different directions. The brothers ran to the house. The sister ran to the barn-it was closer to her. Ingle ran to the forest.

It poured down rain for three days. The sister finally made it back to the house soaking wet. Mom made her change clothes and fed her hot soup.

Ingle never returned. They knew that this was the bad trouble Maka was talking about. They cried and cried. One day they knew he would be back but not in their lifetime.


Ingle had run into the forest. He knew they would not follow in the rain. He ran and ran and ran. They never let him out of their sight and he wanted to be alone for a little while.

He found a cave big enough for him to get out the rain.

He was cold and tired and soon he fell asleep. When he woke up it was raining so hard he could not leave. He waited and waited for three days.

The rain finally quit and he came out of the cave. Poor Ingle had no idea where he was at. Ingle built a fire to dry out and get warm. After awhile he realized how hungry he was to he set a trap.

Finally dry and belly full Ingle tried to figure out where was home. Nothing looked familiar. Oh well, Ingle decided to start walking.

He soon came upon serpent. Well..........

Submitted: April 04, 2012

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