The Ritual

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
This the second instalment to The Drawing.

Submitted: September 18, 2019

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Submitted: September 18, 2019



“My tale” began the old man with a sideways look at the stranger, “Is one of great courage and equally great despair.

It is about someone called John who lives in the ancient land of Pritan , I am so orry because I do not know the modern word for that you ?”

”Yes Britain now”

”Well anyway to continue he was a worker like your self, his soul was so badly hurt, it was bleeding.

Then one night he lit four incenses, two frankincense and two myth, two to his head two to his feet, he lay down and relaxed.

Blackness enveloped him like a welcome blanket, leaving only the sensation of gently floating,as the feeling of floating stilled, the darkness cleared a little and he became aware of being inside an Egyptian pyramid.

In a chamber still hidden from the world of man, in the chamber was a large diamond shape on the floor, at each point of the diamond, one north, south, east, and west was a coffin each coffin held a mummy wrapped body.

John without fear and yet full of great weariness walked around each coffin, he listened to the silence, and felt like gagging on the musty stench, when he had finished walking around....

I suppose he must have been content to hear his own footsteps echo and the crusty dust crunch beneath his feet......he really was there you know”.

At this point the old man paused and was pleased to see that he was being listened to, so satisfied he took up the story once more.

”John stopped and stood on a small circle in the middle of the diamond, he did not have long to wait, for from the west coffin came a thin line of gray smoke , it snaked over to him and wound around his left ankle.

There was a gentle tug and John was drawn to the coffin until his knuckles were white, and for the first time he felt fear.

He had to fight the need or want to retch, he climbed in to the coffin unable to stop himself, and sat down beside the body, for each coffin was actually large enough for two people.

John reluctantly lay down he was rigid as he lay there, he felt his body gripped vice like and pulled over to the mummy.

He heard himself screaming aloud and fought hard for control and to become quite, after awhile he found His self control.

Another shock was yet for him, the body he was now sharing did not die before it was put into the coffin, mummy wrapped alive and placed still living in the coffin;.....

Perhaps traveller it was the (sharing) of knowledge that stunned John so in to the final silence, he began to see and feel the story of the chamber he was now in as he lay.

The body he now shared was female, four priests two male and two female, had willingly permitted them self’s to be enshrouded and left there to die.

willingly they had allowed their tongues to be cut out, to keep the silence so that they could become guided to The never-words, John was both humbled and ashamed of the fears he had felt.

Yet the story of the guide enabled him to make a stronger resolution to go forward, he in turn now found himself sharing his story of the modern world 

The compassion from his guide was indeed strong, he felt warm sandy winds blow across his face and body , blurring his sight, when the winds had died down John found himself on a desert hillside.

He moved forward, I will not recount all the battles that he fought; but some twenty three battles in all were fought, and he was not allowed to kill anything, but he could chain them all down.

When John awoke it was mid morning two days later by the time of mortals” finished the old man.

The old man watched the traveller breathe deeply and listened as the traveller spoke, “My name is not John”.

”No it isn’t “ agreed the old man.

”Tell me do you still fear the dragon you chained”?

”I learnt” said the traveller “That we are made up of eleven negative emotions and eleven positive, and a binding thatmakes twenty three in all complete”;  “And” The traveller addedas an after thought “The dragon is not feared but yes chained” in almost a whisper “until needed” 


© Copyright 2020 LadyM. All rights reserved.

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