The ghost of Mr. anxiety

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I wrote this one when I was 18. I was struggling with anxiety disorder and so a poem was born.. :o)

Submitted: September 16, 2010

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Submitted: September 16, 2010



I have a ghost that visits me

In a prison, where I stay

My body shakes as I plead for mercy

But he just won’t go away


He shows up unexpectedly

No one sees or even knows

He tortures me as I fight giving in

But soon his power grows


He gains control as he pumps me with fear

I hold on with all my might

The more I resist, the tighter he grips me

But I don’t give up this fight


He starts to suck my breath bone dry

Emptiness fills my head

My arms like a weightless feather

My soul, just like the dead


I feel a burning fire starting to grow

Deep in the burrows of my chest

It spreads through my body like the plague

It’s impossible to rest


I’m way too weak to will him away

As he squeezes the life out of me

It oozes through every one of my pores

Now it’s hard to see


My vision is distorted

My heart pounds vigorously

Yet not another soul knows

This ghost I have with me


He leaves as sudden as he came

Leaving me fearful of his return

Will I ever find a way out of this?

It’s something I must learn



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