This is How I have turned out

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Describing not so great fathers.

Submitted: June 13, 2011

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Submitted: June 13, 2011



You cause pain. Lots and lots of pain. Im talking about my father, his name is Darren.

He was born August 11-1971,seven days before my birthday of August 18-1992. I find that pretty ironic seeing as we have never had a relationship. Zip, zero, nothing. I saw a commercial once, it was for insurance or something. It had a dad hugging his young daughter. This was the first time, that my heart had ached from seeing father/daughter affection. It really hurt me deep inside, because I never understood what it was like to have a father. It’s so foreign to me.

My Dad is a logger. He cuts trees with machines. He has always been working. It’s pretty funny, my Dad came home from working in Burns Lake for months ,and was only home for six hours, and in that time my brother was conceived. Wasn’t around when my mom had my sister. Not even their for her birth.

He always worked months at a time when I was growing up. It wasn’t till I was twelve or so he started working less. Well not necessarily working less, just stopped working out of town. I would not have mind if he worked so much, if he wasn’t such an egotistical, narcissist, self absorbed, cheating bastard known as my “dad”.

He bought her a fucking car. Doesn’t pay me any attention or money, but he can buy his nineteen year old girlfriend who he met on an online game a fucking car.

So I am not satisfied with this person. He will not be walking me down the aisle, and he shall not be apart of my life. Can’t even say hi to me, so you know what, fuck you.

Fuck you dad. Have a great life you stupid piece of shit.


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