the young and the old

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my true confession to how life has changed. in truth, when we are young we don't realize that time is fleeting, and one day, at one moment.

it can all be gone.

Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Submitted: February 25, 2013




The bright colours,

The noisy toys,

The fun.

We had all this; when we were young.


We had endless time,

Countless hours to waste in the day,

We could play for dusk till dawn and still have time to spare.

All this; when we were young.


But now we are old,

We travel as a pack.

We dress in grey suits,

With ties of black.


We conform to the norms of an adult life,

Looking back at our glory,

Through our work and our pain,

Because now we know nothing is the same.


We see them out the windows,

From our dark to their light.

Our past; their future,

Always in sight.


We miss those days we could relax and play,

In the sun and the sand,

In the sea and the rain,

We had all this; when we were young.


The time we spent looking up at the sky,

The hellos with friends,

Even the goodbyes

None of these are the same for us; when we grow old.


We can’t help but wish for those days again,

With fun in the sun,

And our hours with our friends.

But now they are gone; and won’t be back soon.


That is why I envy you.


You are the young,

The next generation.

You have hours to spend,

Throwing laughter to the wind.


You have a life with a mind so wild and free,

While we sit here in the anarchy.

Of business and block towers,

No beauty and no power.


We had all this,

But you do now.

I hope you don’t become us soon,

How I miss the days; when we were young.

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