till death do us part?

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horror/romance genre. a wedding day is meant to be the greatest day of a young woman's life, but for Marcia, it might just be the beginning of the end...

Submitted: February 14, 2013

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Submitted: February 14, 2013




The sun had set on another cold day in Wilson-town. The brown, yellow and red fusion coloured leaves fluttered down on the slight breeze that was pleasant for Marcia Conroy to feel through her hair. She stood in this breeze every day for the past year and sighed in sadness at the miserable series of current events that was her life.

Although the year flew by, Marcia felt that it lasted a life time. She had met the man of her dreams; tall, rugged and quite pleasing to the eye. A rough voice and a firm grip she loved to hold in her own. But all this was gone in the blink of an eye, on their wedding day of all days.

The sun passed down across the horizon as she stepped in to Wilson-town cemetery, the new home to her beloved. Her bare feet grazed through the grass that brushed between her toes; and with the light darkening around her, it was as if something from a movie.

“I'm home darling…” she whispered in to the now stagnant air. She grasped her white gown at the sides and hitched it up a little so not to drag it in the dirt any worse than it had been already. At first glance her gown was a beautiful white, but looking again you could see burnt patches, dirty, murky water spread around the base and in the torn seam. Other small tears went up the sides of the grown, but only on the right side.

“It was my fault…” she cried out load, releasing a screech that rolled in the fog around her ankles, a fog so dense the ground disappeared, to match with a screech that would scare the banshees away. “I wanted to take the short way… I wanted it on Valentine’s day…”

The thoughts rushed through her head of the wedding day. The ceremony took off without a hitch. She met him at the church in her stunning white wedding gown; that she still wore now. His tuxedo in black, as was tradition, they looked like a perfect representation of dark and light, good and evil, night and day.

When the ceremony had finished, they raced out of the church, petals thrown over them by the guests, and doves released upon exit, the perfect romantic act. From there she threw the bouquet in to the crowd, and dashed in to the black car waiting for them.

Now she thought about it, it was as if having a black car was some sort of irony to the upcoming events. They raced down the street, past the houses and the shops, suitcases in the back seats all set for their honeymoon. Marcia still remembered the last conversation they ever had “Come on! Let’s take the shortcut! It’s the next left!” she would laugh and jest as he spoke with his rugged voice.

“Sure thing sweetheart, anything for my wife!” he pulled the car down Marcia’s shortcut and drove straight through a rural area, with few houses and nothing but fields in site. “What’s that up ahead?” she asked with perplexity in her eyes. He slowed the car down as they drove on to an old train track, musty and rusted along the metal rails. Rusty barriers lined the sides to stop people running on to the track, with two crossing gates held up right for what looked to be permanent.  

They stepped out of the car and walked across the rotting planks, some breaking under the pressure of their feet. “This track looks like it’s been here for a while, it looks out of use…” he walked over to a distant plank, bent down and picked up a pebble. Marcia called over “What are you doing!? Come on of we’re going to miss our flight!”

He stood, back up straight, stepped back and threw the pebble as if to cut the sky in half. It struck with a thud against the rusted fence letting out an echoing clang. She called after him again “Come on!” the impatience grew in her as she stomped her feet around in the dirty, mouldy tracks. He bent down to the floor, looking for another pebble to throw, but instead found something else.


Straight through the ground and the tracks, they weren’t as abandoned as he first thought. “We need to move!” he dashed back to the car as the vibrations grew larger, becoming shakes and rattles. They jumped back in to the car, slamming the doors behind them in the hurry.

“WHAT IS IT? WHATS HAPPENING?!” the crossing gates swung down as he tried to turn the engine on, but all it did was stall. They looked at each other as he uttered his final word.



The sun had completely gone now from the graveyard, leaving only Marcia, wearing her ruined wedding dress, before a fresh gravestone planted in the ground. Blood dripped off of her hand, splattering down on the dirt beneath her. She dropped to her knees, on top of the rotting flowers sat in the dust.

“I’m here now…” a red tinge lit up in the moon, but only for a second before it turned back to its pale white. The ground beneath her shuddered, as two cold hands shot up wrapping around her. “That’s it my beloved… take me down with you… because death is only just our beginning…”

She followed in the arms footsteps, embracing their hold on her.

“I guess we weren’t meant to part at death…”

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