this is a touching poem about a bad girl who has finally realised how bad she is and is now sorry.

a bad girl

If I die young

I know it will be

because now i am alone

i have no one to help me

Bury me deep underground

So the world will not be disturbed

Because i am not as

good as i seem

It is all my fault

Yes,i know

I should not have been mean

But I am young

and now i suppose

It was all just meant to be

Before my youth fades

Bring some flowers on my grave

But I am young

and i know

I shouldnt have been mean

to the world

That gave me life

and a reason to be free

and live my life

while i still can

It is hard to believe

that a girl like me

could have been so bad

as i wasnt supposed to be

an angel from heaven above

so i made mistakes

i let my soul be free

It was wrong

so dont delay

just forget me

forget me

so the world would not be sad

just because i was so bad

Submitted: January 11, 2011

© Copyright 2023 lail e mah farooq. All rights reserved.

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