Black Void

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Nory was in the middle of the forest, surrounded by the rest of his team... when he had the strangest encounter.

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012



In a million years Nory would never have thought the night would turn out to be anything like this. Of course it was expected to be a little bit difficult. What with the long voyage to practically the outskirts of no where, getting used to be in the open with no doors for privacy, but did it ever occur to him that he would end up like this?

Hell no.
Still, it was all he could do to keep himself from kicking at the covers or punching his pillow or possibly pulling out his hair.

He was not a chicken, true, but a man could only take too much. And right now, as the fire sizzled lower, and as the darkness loomed over him from every direction, hinting at a silent presence that hissed without a sound and moved without a trail, he was seriously nearing his limit.

His throat contracted around a convulsed swallow.

This is stupid; he reprimanded himself. I shouldn't have allowed myself to fall for such charmed words. He squeezed his eyes shut.

...She dissolved into thin air...

Stop it!

She knew every secret even if they didn't know it themselves...

Goddamn it! He was going to kill their professor.

she did exist...

He sat upright, a curse on his lips. One of his colleges stirred, but other than that all looked like a moment halted in time.

Knees bent he dug his elbows into them, burying his face in his hands as he fought to take a deep calming breath.

The fire crackled.
He exhaled and looked where the fire swayed weakly in its pit.

He had a secret, all right. The was that he didn't even know what that secret was.

His first memory was waking up in a bright room in a place that people called hospita.He remembered howeverything was so unrecognizable then. Even his own face in the mirror.As time passed, he gave up clinging to that fried threat of hope, and he stopped waiting by the window as the sun faded into the horizons for something to bring the lost years back to him.For a long time he was too busy and too tired of wondering.
But tonight was different. There was no sleep tugging at his eyes, only a night that seemed lonely and eternal.

And of course an awful load of silly stories about people long dead and a goddess that had never witnessed existence...

Little did he know that he was being watched somewhere close by. Ariana, the entity of the forest was under water, watching the incomplete moon through the haze of darkened water and huddling clouds. she could hear his restlessness and feel his unease. That would not have surprised her if she hadn't heard mention of her in his thoughts. Something in him, as usual, was terrified of coming into her path by a wild chance. Yet his disquiet came from the irrational yearn in him to meet her.Well, was that not interesting? He didn't even believe.
Smiling, she slithered out of the water...

He spat at the dying flames.It didn't respond, not a flicker, not a crackle
Instead, almost instantly, he was more acutely aware of his dark surroundings. The hair on the back of his neck rising, he made no move.

His chest tightened around a breath, his eyes strained to lodge themselves to the back of his head.

Something was right there behind him; there was no denying that strong awareness of another being

His impossibly wide eyes returning to the fire, he swallowed convulsively... only to havewhat he had already knew confirmed; the sound of a laugh caught in a throat.

He was suddenly desperate to urinate."I can't believe I am going to do this" He turned his head so swiftly that his brain spun.

But there was nothing. At that very moment, the sound of amusement came again as something lashed him in the face. Something very soft, intoxicatingly fragrant and frighteningly resembled hair.

Very long, very thick hair.

His head whipped around again, frantically searching the darkened clearing. Again and again, but still his panicked eyes caught nothing, until he felt a rush of breeze very close to him and he knew that whoever was laughing had found him.

Slowly he took a deep breath – although he knew it wouldn't work—and very deliberately turned ahead so that he was looking straight ahead.

And instead of facing the dark wall of the forest, he was looking straight into eyes shaped like a serpent's, big like a full moon and like emeralds in their bottomless depths.

She was neither from this world or any other…

Her hair was as long and as dark as the inky night. Her body was trim with blue skin marked with claw-like brown stripes like that of a tiger, and as the moon light gleamed across her, Nory fleetingly wondered whether she was indeed capable of dissolving.
She sat straddling him, her face inches from his.

She was real.

He squeezed his eyes so tightly, opened them…

Yep, still there.


He waited to go mad, for a frenzy of panic to break through him, but none happened.

The exotic creature smiled.

And he was so stunned that he, amazingly, let out a breath of relief.
Something in his breath must have appealed to the creature, for she leaned closer, slowly shutting those mesmerizing large eyes, and took his exhale in deeply.

When she opened her eyes again, they were sparkling like hundreds of little fire flies, and he remembered a dream he once had, of drowning, much like now with the creature's eyes luring him deeper. He was drowning now, and it was no dream.

She cradled his head in her hands, her fingers long and soft, still, he could sense the strength of a warrior spirit in them, and closed the distance between their heads. Forehead to forehead. Nose to nose.
He gave in to her and felt himself opening to her silent calling completely.

Ariana didn't find it difficult to locate what troubled this fine young man. And as she looked into him, she had a feeling that she would never understand these humans.

Pressing her lips to his, she was gone.
When Nory opened his eyes again, all the missing pieces fell back into place.
He rememebred everything.

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