You killed me twice, but who's counting?

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When a chance comes across our path, in any of its forms and we abuse it...

Submitted: July 04, 2012

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Submitted: July 04, 2012



It was ridiculous to notice such a thing as the world in such times as these. So vain to think at how endless the blue of the sky was. So stupid to imagine all the places out there you've longed to see, but the time had ran out and you never got your chance. Too tired to amble down the Memory Lane. Too late to wonder what would you have done with the life you have been given if only...

Because life.... what a strange, conflicted concept!

Now she lied on the cold, harsh ground. Her eyes glazed with the deep struggle against the waves of pain. Wave over her face, washing across her chest, spreading into her arms and sweeping down her abused body. But she dared not twitch and held tight on to her silence, for she vowed she would never give him the satisfaction of a moan.
She would smile and look him in the eye when he thought she would crumble and cry.

He, the man once thought to be The One, stood towering over her. Exhaustion heaving his chest, blood dripping from his nose. He had to admit, she gave him quite a fight, showed a whole new level of strength, but in the end he seized the upper hand. She was the one laying limb there now, tottering over the razor edge of death. She should have kept quiet, shouldn't have challenged him and provoked the beast. She should have kept the threats to herself...

Still in the nearing end of agony her gasping breaths voiced the last words and he stooped low. To take a look at the fading eyes, to hear the claws of pain. Just to hear her beg one time more.

But the gasps told another story...

"What do you see when you look at me? Is it the man you will never be?

Tell me now how you feel? oh, relief? Do you really think my death will be the end of me?

Voice your thoughts. Let me hear your shame.

Tell me what have I ever done to you? All I wanted was to reach a common ground with you, but you took another avenue.

You pushed me hard. You sank me deep. And now that I was back on my feet you shoved the knife into me?

I tried to take your hand, but you never gave my way a glance.

So I said I'm leaving you. Now you've killed me, too?

Tell me again what you see when you look at me?

Is it the one thing you will never feel?"

Suddenly all was quiet. All froze. Not a whisper. Not a movement.

Her heart thudded to a stop as a content smile took over her lips, lips that were once rosy with passion now blue with a cold death. Her eyes looked right through him and beyond the world of cruelty, at a light he would never see.

Her soul was free as his will never be.

He asked no questions, not a blink in his eyes. Silent tears rolled down his cheeks. And as the world spun off the course of reason and the lights slowly dwindled into the darkness inside, his eyes drifted from a woman he had once felt in her presence to the reflection of a monster he knew only too well.

What would he do? Where should he go?

Walk away and leave the blood pool behind?

Stay and drown in sorrow and regret?

But too soon the lights gave up on him and he took no sides. Finality, that ugly excursionist, closed in and the minutes echoed the last ticks.

He joined being with the blackness.

Eternally, he would know no rest.

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