The Darkest RayZikk

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Story of a 16-17 year old teen who learns he not so ordinary and son thereafter becomes mankinds last hope from being enslaved

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



\"I AM SICK OF WAITING!!!!!\" he exclaimed. \"and now I don't have
to! Finally, YOU WILL DIE!!\". As he raised his staff to finish it, he was blasted with a burst of energy shot from the man he swore to kill. The man lay there, arm raised with palm open, breathing heavily, smiling. Down the villain went, dead.

Chapter one:

Now this all started one afternoon in central California, where the 16 year old Randy Kranderson prepared for another day of training at the lone gym in the small town of Rocklin, known as Kainon Regime. In the gym was his personal trainer. However, Randy wasn't a normal teenager. No, he was a RayZikk, a superhuman species that have extraordinary abilities. His trainer was a normal person who had raised Randy as if he was his own, for Randy's biological father was an alcoholic, and didn't really care for Randy. When Randy started training at the gym, his trainer, Zachary Trawley, asked him about why he was so bottled up, and when Randy said he didn't want to talk about it, Zach didn't press on. He instead had Randy slug it out against another RayZikk, who Zach used to bring out the hidden abilities of people. During the spar, just when it seemed that Randy was down for the count, his head snapped upward, with his newly colored electric blue eyes locked on his opponent. Within an instant, vanished and reappeared behind his opponent and delivered the KO blast. and as it hit, electricity was visibly striking the boxing ring, preventing entrance/exit.

After the fight, Randy asked Zach what had happened during the fight, and how he did what he did. Zach then explained to him about the RayZikks, and the abilities that each RayZikk had their own abilities, that were specific to their life and lifestyle. He then explained to Randy that his specific ability was the ferocity of lightning. He then proceeded to ask Randy if he had been near/ hit with lightning recently. Randy explained that he had gone to the store two days before and had been involved in an accident which resulted in his car being destroyed in an explosion, the cause of which was the car had been struck by lightning. He, surprisingly, escaped with minor injuries.

Ever since then, Randy began to notice changes in his body. At school, during his run days, he noticed that he was finishing faster, little by little. He also noticed that whenever he pushed something or someone, he would feel a small charge of electricity. After those days, he decided ro always wear rubber gloves so that he didn't risk electrocuting something the he didn't want to electrocute.

This, in fact, came in handy as he soon thereafter gained a girlfriend, named Paige. He was able to get the rubber gloves custom made so that they looked like weight lifting gloves that weren't fingerless, and were soft on the outside, rubber on the inside. This proved useful, for Randy did a lot of weight lifting( it was something he used as he said \"to take my mind off of things\") and Paige liked that about him. She loved the fact that he did something constructive with his anger and boredom. Whatever freetime she had, she spent it with Randy. She went wherever he went. Randy didn't mind that. He was just glad he had her. Their relationship was a top and bottom relationship. She was one of the most well known people at their high school, and he was one of the least known. Most other kids didn't think they should be together, but they thought otherwise.

After Randy explained this to Zach, Zach nodded. He then told Randy he would see him tomorrow, which was Randy's birthday. This year he would be turning 17. Little did Randy know, Zach had a surprise for him. Randy then left with Paige, and afterwards, walked her home. Her parents didn't really care who she dated or where she went, as long as she came back home at night. He then decided to run back home. He knew that it would take him about 5min to get home from Paige's house, considering she lived about three streets over. The convenient part was that Zach lived across the street from her. When he got home, as usual, his father was out getting drunk, and he was home alone. He went to his room and crashed for the night.

As the dawn began breaking into the sky, Randy was already up and getting ready for the day. He made himself his favorite breakfast, which was a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit. After he ate, he went to the door, grabbed his training bag, and departed to go to the Kainon Regime for his early morning training with Zach. When he got there, he opened the door to the facility to find Zach standing there with Paige and apparently they were waiting for him. He exchanged greetings, and they wished him a happy birthday and Zach handed Randy an envelope. He opened it, and asked him what it was. Zach looked at Randy, seeing that he was still partially asleep, and said that those were custody papers. Then he explained that he(Zach) was now legal guardian of Randy. At that moment, Randy's eyes opened wide and looked at Zach and told him that this was one of the best things that has ever happened to him. He turned to Paige and told her that she is THE best thing that has ever happened to him. Paige then told him that she had talked to Zach, and he had decided to allow her decision. Randy asked them what the decision was. She smiled, and told him that she was moving in to live with him. Randy's eyes opened even wider.( this was a big shock to him because he and Paige had been dating for 6 years. So this was a big step for them.) He ex exclaimed to her how great that was and said that he would go home to get his stuff. Zach explained that it wasn't necessary what he was going to do. He told Randy that he had already arranged for his stuff to be moved to his house, an that Paige had already moved in earlier this morning. Although things were going well right now, Randy would soon find out that he would soon be in a world filled with the corruption.

Chapter Two:

Three days after this monumental event, Randy had decided to take Paige out to dinner and a movie for her birthday. In those past three days, Zach had given Randy a car. Randy had used that car to do most everything. When Randy left the restaurant with Paige, he told her that they were going to a drive in movie. However, on their way there, all of the lights along the road blacked out. This was unusual, because there was always at least one street light on. Never were all out at once. What made this worse was that it was pitch black outside. This was the perfect circumstance for a gang jumping. Almost immediately, Randy had gone on the defensive, constantly looking left and right out of suspicion. He was so busy looking back and forth, he didn't notice that lightning had struck the ground in front of them, revealing a ginormous crater in the ground, leading to a cave opening. But Randy's first concern was Paige. He rushed to the other side of the now wrecked car, and ripped the door off, and pulled Paige out of the car. She was visibly hurt. Randy lifted her up, and held her tight. He then noticed that Paige had become covered with a radiant green glow. As soon as she opened her eyes, the glow faded, and her injuries were gone. She asked him why happened, and he said even he wasn't sure.

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