'Heaven and Hell'

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An unforgettable journey

Submitted: October 18, 2006

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Submitted: October 18, 2006




Heaven and Hell


In the depth of despair

I wondered out where

The fog lay in fields of morn

Feeling forsaken and so forlorn

Regretting the day I was born.


And there where I sat

Looking back at

How life had brought me down

Images shattered... without a sound

As they fell in pieces...to the ground


Lost in my mind

I could not find

A reason to carry on

So... there in the fog... of early dawn

I sang...my final  swan song


Deeper and Deeper and Deeper I fell

Into... a bottomless well

Were I ceased to exist

In a feeling of bliss

When the fog... began to lift


Higher and higher and higher...I flew

To the light of the burning fire

Lightly touching...down on the ground

With the light of God... all around

In the midst...of angelic sounds


In the most beautiful meadow...I'd ever seen

Of silver mist and emerald green

It lay before me...like a dream

With the path...where I had been

Evaporating...in a sunbeam


Somewhere between

Heaven and Hell... on Earth



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