No More ! No More!

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The tale of 2 women set lose with a charge card to go shopping.

Submitted: October 16, 2006

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Submitted: October 16, 2006



No More….No More  

It snowed 6 inches, the night before,

The big blow out sale, at the bargain store

No way…in the world, we could resist

Savings of 50% off our shopping list

So, with purse in hand, we tore out the door


We ripped down the stairs…feet ablaze

And feel to the bottom, on our rump in a daze

But that didn’t deter, a shoppers dream

I and my mom, were the best of the team

So back on our feet, we skittered across the street


We made it as far as the parking lot

Hit a sheet, of hidden ice, and could not stop

Clinging, to each other, our feet did a dance

We waltzed round and round, until we wet our pants

And went down on our knees, in the freezing pee


Slipping and sliding, we could not, get a grip

We tried everything, until my mom finally flipped

Sputtering and muttering, heaps of curses galore

Damming the ice, the snow, the pee, the sale and the store

My saintly mother swore, and swore and swore


I’ll never go bargain shopping….no more….no more…….

  Elaine George,May 30, 2006

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