The Fallen Prince

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An epic based on a true story of a white collar business man's battle with drug addiction.

Submitted: October 14, 2006

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Submitted: October 14, 2006




I saw a fair young maiden

 Abandoned in her bed

Tearful for the one she loved

 The one she chose to wed

Who in a weakened moment tread

 Out to the mountain ledge

Enticed by the knight in black

 Who brought him to the edge

"Come fly with me," the black knight said

 "To a land of pure euphoria

And let me show you wondrous things

That I can lay before you

Come my prince, come fly with me

 To a land of milk and honey

Where everyday is filled with joy

 And the streets are paved with money

No more pain and no more strife

Just endless days and endless nights

 Of wine and song and dance"

"Come my prince, come fly with me

 Why not take a chance?

Forget your wife, come live your life

It's time for new romance

A tiny pill is all it takes

A sniff of fine white powder

Will keep you high so you can fly

Up to the magic tower"

So the prince; he ate the tiny pills

 And sniffed the fine white powder

And soon he was addicted

To the magic of their powers

Away he flew, up to the moon

Beyond the Milky Way

Where stars came out and winked at him

 And beckoned him to play

Each day he ate the tiny pills

 And sniffed the fine white powder

But every day he needed more

 As they slowly lost their power

And soon he couldn't fly as high

And that was a scary thing

For there were more and more ‘feathers'

 Missing from his wings

Then one day, while he was high

 Reaching for his dreams

He felt the power leaving him

 And he began to scream

Down and down and down he fell

 Crashing to the ground

Lost dreams and broken promises

 Lying all around

And like a wounded bird with broken wings

 That cease to flutter

The truth rained down upon his head

As he floundered in the gutter

Oh what a crazy fool he'd been

Blinded by the knight

Could he ever win her back

 And make the wrongs all right?

He cried and cried into the night

 Regrets were his companions

Until he heard the sound of hooves

 Rumbling through the canyon

Through tear-filled eyes he saw a herd

 Of royal beauty stallions,

And perched upon their royal backs

Were knights in white so gallant

Carefully, they scooped him up

 And carried him away

Into the East they rode from hell

 For three long nights and days

When long at last, with horses spent

 They reached their destination

They placed him in the hands of God

 For this was His creation

Great warmth began to fill his heart

Bright light shone from his eyes

He felt the gentle hand of God

 And he began to cry

Such happiness, he had never known

It lifted him so high

He spread his wings up to the sky

And he began to fly

Up to the sky on mended wings

 With angels all around him

He heard the voice of God ring out

 And totally surround him

"I've done my part, my fallen prince

 But the rest is up to you

Fly straight and true, and don't look back

 No matter what you do

Lead not thee to temptation son

 For if you do, you'll die

Fly straight and true, my fallen prince

Or forever cease to fly"

Will the prince journey home again

To his fair and lovely maiden?

Or will temptation lead him back

To the evil Black Knight, ‘Satan'?

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