Trick - or - Treat

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A trip into horror.

Submitted: October 30, 2006

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Submitted: October 30, 2006





Trick - or - Treat


In my armchair

By the fire

I drifted off to sleep

Down and down and down I fell

Into a well so deep

While outside the shadows

Of the night began to creep

Along the ground

Among the autumn leaves

That danced and leaped


Then - suddenly

I was awakened

By a rap tapping on my door

And woke up so bewildered

In a place

I had never been before

As monsters seeped

Out through the cracks

Across the hardwood floor

I screamed and screamed

Until I lost my voice -

 And then I

Screamed some more


I watched in horror

From the ceiling

Where from a rope I hung

From a chandelier

Above their jagged teeth

And drooling tongues

Then I saw one slither

Up the stairs

And through the rungs

And when he finally

Grabbed me

I felt my last breath

Leave my lungs.



I could see myself

Below me

When the monster

Threw me to the floor

Where upon

They all joined in

To eat a feast

Of human smorgasbord

On legs and arms and torso

They gorged and gorged and gorged

Leaving just my head

Insanely grinning

Like a pumpkin gourd


An then I heard a rap a tap

A rap a tapping at the door

And woke up screaming

In a daze

Just where I was before

And through the window

I could see them

Behind those faces

That they wore

 Monsters - screaming! Trick or treat

It's Halloween once more

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