One last visit to her dying friend.


Where the Heart Resides



Like bruised and battered arms

These broken gates reach out to me

They led me to the lonely house

That overlooks the sea


Her door once proud and stately

Now splintered hangs in shame

As she realizes no longer can she

Keep out the wind and rain


I look into her beautiful

Sad and haunted eyes

These windows to her soul

Where alone she waits to die


Her rooms I see before me

Stripped naked raped and bleeding

And somewhere from within them

I hear her softly pleading


She beckons me to enter

I cross her threshold timidly

And suddenly an old familiar feeling

Comes washing over me


The floorboards squeak beneath me

As I move slowly down the hall

Tip-toeing through the paper roses

All withered on her walls


I step into her parlor

With tears falling from my eyes

As precious memories carry me

To the place my heart resides


I see her in her former splendor

Dressed in satin and old lace

Crystal chandeliers reflect the light

And caress her lovely face


French doors open to the fields

Where once I used to play

Make believe in lands of dreams

On sunny summer days


Silky curled beside the hearth

Purring softly as she sleeps

I stroke her fur so tenderly

My heart falls at her feet


The air is filled with music

As grandma strokes the keys

The aunts and uncles all join in

And sing in harmony


We take our places at the table

Laid out in fine bone china

We bow our heads and thank the Lord

For all the ties that bind us


Grandpa carves the giant turkey

Grandma brings the platters

We fill our plates with food and mirth

And an endless stream of chatter


And when the moon hangs overhead

In a soft and velvet sky

One by one we take our leave

With hugs kisses and goodbye's.


I love you Grandma

I love you Grandpa

Rings into the night

And once again in my world

Everything is right


I close the door behind me

I say my last farewell

And I hear her take her final breath

In the trill of a whippoorwill


Submitted: October 17, 2006

© Copyright 2023 lainie. All rights reserved.

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