Finding Aspen

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He stood still as everything was snatched away from him.
He stood still as his whole life changed in mere seconds.
He just stood still, barely breathing , barely living as he died. Yes he died, his soul was dead but his mortal human body was still living, breathing.
He stood there, listening to his own heartbeat as his once soft heart turned into stone.
He just stood there as everyone around him continued living and moving on in life. But he just stood there and everything was a blur and sometimes just splashes of colour here and there. His vibrant, colourful world was now black and white. There was no colour. There was no joy, just occasional satisfaction. He just stood there, his hands tied down because after all he was a mere human, so powerless and completely mortal against the most powerful enemy: time.
But when he saw her, he saw once again was colourful, enthralling and exciting. He realized maybe he could do the right thing this time by helping her. Maybe he could protect her, maybe he could save her from the world. Maybe , just maybe he could find his dead soul again... Maybe he could live again and not just survive because life was too short and too beautiful to waste.

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