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This short story was an entry for a contest with the prompt "A girl places a quarter into a gumball machine and a human tooth rolls out."

The story that came about from this prompt involves magic, and suspense, and betrayal. Who knew all this could come about because of a gumball machine?

Esper frantically placed her quarter into the gumball machine. She turned the latch as quickly as she could and said a silent prayer of hope as the contents rolled noisily down into the hatch. She reached in and snatched her prize. Human tooth. She sucked in a breath of despair as she stared at the rotten and stained incisor gripped between her fingers. This won’t be enough. The porcelain tiger teeth mocked her from their safe place inside the machine. She needed a tiger tooth, but she had no more quarters. The human tooth had to do. Before she could turn around, she felt the breeze of the shop door open. She clutched the tooth in her hand and hummed a constant chant in her head.

“You’re too weak to fight me. Give it up Esper,” her twin sister said, as she inched slowly towards her.

Esper slid sideways and collided with a shelf of animal wings. The jars jostled and tumbled to the ground in a thunder of shattering glass. If Anden hadn’t murdered their mother only a few hours earlier, the mess in their mother’s shop may have been concerning. Esper stepped over the crushed glass and wings haphazardly, gripping the tooth ever tighter. Anden only laughed at her sister’s fear.

“Surely you don’t expect that measly tooth to help you,” Anden scoffed tapping a finger to her lips. She slowly surveyed the room. Her devilish smile grew ever wider. “I can use anything in here to my disposal. My powers are unlimited. Just ask Mom…oh that’s right,” Anden chortled under her breath, “you can’t because I killed her. Silly me!” She giggled a giggle that sounded like drowning chipmunks.

Esper dipped behind a row of braided hairs. She chanted louder in her mind but felt no change in her body. The shop door locked.

“Sister, I am growing bored. You know you can’t escape me. So, let’s just get this over with,” Anden called out with a sigh.

Esper felt her feet burning and looked down to see that her shoes were on fire. She kicked them off as quickly as she could but not before bloody blisters were left trailing up to her ankles. Now, she definitely couldn’t run. She felt like crying. She felt hopeless. But, she knew that she alone had to stop her sister. Anden gained power with taken life. If she took Esper’s life, she would be unstoppable, and the bloodshed would be endless. Shelves began to fall. Books, knives, and animal remains flew by Esper’s head. A claw nicked her ear.  Blood dripped down her neck. She chanted and chanted until she felt her head might explode. Her sister stepped before her, marveling in the chaos around them. Esper saw no soul in her sister’s dark eyes, only the reflection of terror from her own face.

Anden slapped her. Epser’s head spun around and hit the ground with a thud. The tooth rolled from her hand and stopped a short distance away. Esper looked to the tooth in desperation and noticed the small glint of gold inside its root. This isn’t a human’s tooth! This is a sorcerer’s tooth! I’ve been saying the wrong chant!

She scrambled to reach the tooth as she felt her body drag backwards and lift into the air. Her wind pipe slowly began to close and her chest began to cave.

“I will enjoy this,” Anden said, forcing her sister’s body to fold in on itself.

Esper strained to concentrate on the chant. Sweat collected on her forehead. Her fist clenched around the tooth with ferocity as her first rib broke. The pain created a white hot cloud before her eyes, but she continued to chant. The tooth finally melted into her skin. The buzz of energy ignited her bones. Her body lowered to the ground, no longer in Anden’s control. Esper took in a ragged shallow breath then looked to her sister with a sinister smile stretching across her face. “No Anden, you won’t enjoy this.”

Submitted: November 23, 2013

© Copyright 2023 LakinWooliver. All rights reserved.

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OMG! This was so intense and SPOOKY O.o I was literally on the edge of the seat. I loved this story..the plotline is quite unique. I felt really bad for Esper because she had to die so brutally in the end. Anden was so evil. You've done a wonderful job of keeping the readers intrigued until the end. Great work with the descriptions. A like from me :)

Sun, November 24th, 2013 5:58pm


Thank you so much!! I appreciate your feedback! :)

Sun, November 24th, 2013 12:41pm


Wow! I really liked this story! It was thrilling!

Wed, November 27th, 2013 6:08pm


Thank you! I am glad you liked it! Thanks for taking a look at my writing!

Wed, November 27th, 2013 10:13am

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