Battle at ordinary school

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It's an imaginary story set in an ordinary place. I have mixed special characters in it to make it interesting.

Submitted: March 06, 2014

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Submitted: March 06, 2014



Battle at Ordinary school

There was an ordinary Island in the core of an ordinary sea. There was a school named“ Ordinary school”. Indeed the school and the children studying there were ordinary. It was a warm ordinary day in the ordinary life of the ordinary children. But who knew that, “that day” was something special and different. That day, the students at Ordinary school had smooth classes with the weather changing every second. But, no one noticed it as their powerful minds were plainly busy scanning through different varieties of books. As the bell rang for the seventh time that day, there was a huge noise as if people were rushing to save their precious lives from Tsunami – the monster. Why?

The next two periods were allotted to sweat, relax and play. It was their games period. Games! Games! Games! was the call from the Adam’s apple of every ordinary student. Grade 6 students rushed to their ordinary ground which was used for all games. It was time for football to be kicked off. Young minds started running around with their legs moving as fast as the horses. Their speed shattered small stones to dust! Their momentum was incomparable. Stop! Pass! Give! Kick! – were the words that roamed the ground. Whenever a goal was hit, the children looked around and imagined themselves as Messi & Ronaldo with great pride.

There was a goal for every minute from one team alone. Why ? Why not from the other? The fact to be focused on the teams is that one team consisted of ruffians with their biceps a foot high and with iron foot while their opponents were the weaker ones who were just half heavy as the ruffians. Their bones were rudimentary and one push from the ruffians had the capacity to smash their bones. There was no referee as that Ordinary school lacked ordinary teachers for games. The strong guys pushed, pulled, kicked and teased the tiny ones just because they were weaker than the ruffians. The fact is that everyone belonged to the same grade. The weaker ones had strong brains. They knew tactics but were not able to defeat the big ones because the big guys played dirty tricks to win the game. Now, at this moment, the weather became constant and the sky became dark, although the clock struck 3.00 in the evening. Birds stopped flying, animals stopped breathing, water stopped flowing, trees stopped dancing, the clocks remained stable and the world became different. Was it the work of the evil ones or the God? No one knew.

The immature young guys on the field stood dumbstruck with the ball lying right at the centre of the ground. Suddenly something/ someone jumped with fierceness on to the ball and the ball flew up and vanished into the sky. It was back in a few moments. Now the school was out looking at the group. The ordinary teachers smelt something wrong on seeing the changes physically happening in the stronger section of the boys. They grew still stronger like wrestlers. Their appearance showed that some evil spirits had entered their bodies. The roughest among the ruffians, the captain took the football in his hand; although it was against the rules of the game. Suddenly, to everyone’s amazement, the ball changed into a rugby ball! Were they about to play rugby? Yes! The evil ones started passing the ball to each other and started to play the harsh game. The weaker ones did not know what the game was. All that they could do was just blink at the powerful evils.

  Oh! The ball developed eyes and started crying. One drop of tear from the ball made the ground wet. Each and every time the ball passed between the evil spirits, there was a tear. Finally the tears flooded the place and a tear ocean was suddenly created. The evils started playing water polo! What about the weaker guys? They were helpless. The weaker ones were about to die. But, someone drank the tears of the ball as if that person had remained thirsty for years. Was it the other army of the evils?  This time, that someone froze all the people there and entered the souls of the weaker ones. The weaker ones could be seen growing stronger, stronger and finally the strongest among the two groups.

With their eyeballs scrolling, the ruffians watched the small ones grow bigger. It was an eye-catching sight. Even the weaker ones weren’t able to believe it! Then who would believe it? But, they started playing rugby with professionalism following all the rules. No one knew about who had taught them to play rugby. Each and every time, the evils gave a push, the good ones did nothing and just saw the evils fall on the ground. It was the gods who had entered the hearts of the weaker ones. The standard of the game had risen from that of Grade 6 children to that of the gods and evils. The match was so ferocious like that of a fight between Alexander and Napoleon. The evils fought equally with the gods. Each time the gods scored, the evils also did so.

In the first half both the teams were a bit calm but there were some major attacks from both the sides. All the evils stood up in the 10th minute of the first half and started shooting the gods with guns, rifles and hand grenades. The gods were the ones who followed rules. They did nothing. Ohhh….. There was a human, who was neither a god nor an evil.His appearance showed everyone that he was half godlike and half evil like. He awarded the gods a penalty because of the poor demeanor of the evils. The gods converted the penalty and scored the first point of the game. Infuriated by the verdict of the referee, the evils killed him. Now the Gods understood that, a Diamond could easily be cut only with a Diamond. The superior souls – Gods were ready to show their supremacy. But it was half time.

The evils refreshed themselves by having a hen each. They felt that it would give them energy. Both the teams were on the ground for the second half. This time the counter attack of the Gods shattered the ideas of the evils. The Gods grew taller like giants and simply walked to the end line to score points. They defended the evils’ ball man by taking him on their hands and pulling the ball from him. The evils posed a different kind of attack of flying and placing the ball on the end line. The scores were leveled at the end of 79 minutes of play.

It was the last one minute of the match. The captain of the Gods rose up and disappeared into the sky. The evils too rocketed towards the sky, but no one could be seen. Only drops of blood could be seen dropping from the sky. Everyone there was anxious to know about the next rulers of the world. Was it the gods or the evils? There were continuous shouts. An army consisting of a lakh more evils joined their army. The gods multiplied themselves to fight the evil ones. Finally, the captain of the gods placed his foot on the end line with the contact of the ball and the evils were defeated. Evils, the infuriated idiots were defeated by the gods.

Ordinary Island, Ordinary school, Ordinary people, Ordinary children, Ordinary teachers, Ordinary ground became Extraordinary.

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