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My writing today, is going to be based upon what happened approximately 5 days ago.
I'm going through a rough time right now, and I simply need to get my emotions straightened out.
All I ask of you, is to read what I have to say.
Thanks, have a great day. :)

Submitted: September 21, 2013

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Submitted: September 21, 2013




  Life is filled with treasury, and hope. Although, along with treasury, and hope, comes darkness, amnesia, and paranoia.

Something unfortunate has happened in my life, which has had an intolerable impact on my life. I had the most magnificent girlfriend that I loved dearly. We started dating on the date of May 17th, 2013. She terminated the relationship a day before our 4 month-old relationship milestone. I do not understand what I have done wrong, and I need friendly advice.

What happened on the date of September 16th, 2013, was truly unnecessary. A week before she executed the relationship, we had a miniature hiccup. What happened was very overwhelming.

My grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, and like practically everyone would do, they would go to someone the trusted and loved for support and advice. Me, thinking that she cared, and loved me decided to go to her for advice, but she decided to be very ignorant and rude.

I had spent an entire 3 whole days, being dreadful. Does anyone blame me? While I was being just, oh so marvelous, she decided that it would be a smart idea to ignore me. I tried talking to her in person. She turned her back on me. I tried texting her for hours. She turned her phone off. I tried calling her. She didn’t pick up.

I got fed up with this behaviour. I sent her a text, which may or may not have been exactly nice. The following day, I was ill; therefore I couldn’t make it to school. While I wasn’t there, she insisted in talking about me, and how she wouldn’t care if I broke up with her. I thought she was angry at me at that specific time, so I let it go. What. A. Mistake.

Her Uncle had just recently passed away a few months ago, due to cancer. The thing that stings, is the fact that, when times were hard for her, I stayed there for her to comfort her; to make sure that she was okay. I did my part. Now, when it comes to me needing help, she turns a blind eye, as if I didn’t even exsist. Does that really seem like a caring girlfriend? No? I didn’t think so.

Now, I’m being constantly harassed every day, because she has been going around and telling her friends lies, about me doing everything possibly wrong to her. I have done nothing wrong to her, except for maybe telling her what she did was wrong. In my opinion, that wasn’t wrong anyway. I personally think that telling her how she wasn’t there for me when I needed her was the logical and secure way of dealing with the situation.

To sum things up, I was there for her, she wasn’t there for me. End of story. Now, what I’d love to know is what I did wrong. But it’s hard to get mutual respect from people, and advice on what to do next. It’s been harder and harder for me every day. I have to deal with harassment and bullying from her friends every day, and it’s difficult. Nobody deserves to be mistreated. I don’t know what to do anymore.

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