Let Me Out Of Here

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This is a short poem about the things we love to feel, but also how love makes us feel.

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



First I turn on my fire;

Then, you hear me my darlene?

Little rings start flying, my o´my,

Nicely through the sky.

Flying slowly out of space;

Getting softly out my mouth;

Bringing me gently down south!

Ooo this is no place for me!

Here comes the poison

That hides all emotion.

That ends my adventure's length.

Please devour all of my strength,

Then lock me in a shell!

Don't let me walk on earth again!

Ooo lock me in a shell;

Never again, sound my bell!

All those cold summer nights

I will keep in my mind.

Ooo I drawn deep in my darkness,

As you danced in your pretty dress,

And you laughed with your friends.

Ooo here the story ends!

I'm living towards space.

Ooo let me out of this place!

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