Psychedelic Coral

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This song lyric talks about the time we waste and how time never stops, but it comes to an end for everyone. So then when we die, we die with our ideals of life, but we will probably find we know nothing about the truth. For all I know I could be reincarnate into a fish in a psychedelic coral reef!

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



Clock's always turning to the left,
but one day to the ruins it will shift.
Always turning round and round,
moving light and waving sound.
Completely empty, but profound.
Turning all day to cease the sun,
ticking all night to please the moon.
Defeated by one man with a spoon.
Ooo it's been know as eternal gold.
Still you'll forget it when you're old.
You wish to be immune to him? Live with joy.
Look for the gold Tom boy, and I'll give you a toy.
Search in the storm, Tom, be a good boy.

Say you're a big gigantic moral?
Yes you're on psychedelic coral!
Came here swimming in lives deeds.
You've done enough big gigantic moral,
thrilled in this psychedelic coral!
Here time won't be passing by.
And this gigantic flora,
leads to psychedelic moral!

Here gold shines only for your eyes!
You'll be fixed by the treasure's size!
But stay trapped here on the water,
for eternity here, not if you find the later.
In such nasty deeds you are falling.
And such crazy things write your ink.
Sing now gigantic moral!!!
Sound loud gigantic coral!!!

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