i don't believe in love

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she fell in love four times, and ended up heartbroken!

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011




I was just a fifth grader back then… I didn’t think I would ever fall in love before I was at least sixteen… as a matter of fact, I didn’t even know what love really was, until I finally experienced it!

Omar was the first person I loved… he was so perfect that I always got lost in his blue eyes, and I told myself: “this is the one, he is the one!” but I took the wrong decision… one day he asked me who was my crush, so I made a deal with him… if he told me who he loves, I’ll tell him whom I love! And turns out, he had a crush on my best friend! But a deal is a deal, so I just made him GUESS who I love… and at last he found out… so after that, my friends made me ask him if he likes me back, although I knew it was a NO! But I did it anyways… so here was his answer… he gave me a little paper written on it “yes”, and that pretty much shocked me because 1 day ago he loved my best friend! But I went along with it, and I kept having that small little crush on him for the entire year! But at the end of the 3rd semester, I caught him sending messages to both of my best friends! I asked them what they were talking about but they would just lie to me. I knew I would figure it out someday somehow but it’s going to take a while… although, it didn’t take as long as I expected! I directly realized that he lied to me and he never really loved me but he didn’t want to break my heart! So that was my first heartbreak!

The year after that, I pretty much got over Omar… but a new guy came along… his name was Mohammad! He wasn’t the POPULAR guy but he was so sweet and kind and funny! And this time, my cousin advised me to tell him that I like him and I did and once again… HE LIKED ME BACK! We started chatting online and stuff, but there was one little problem… he was embarrassed to talk to me in person! I didn’t mind because he was online almost all the time which gives me a chance to talk to him a lot! We actually were best friends since fourth grade which means I know him very well! Then one day, I asked him if he likes me as a small trick, and he said no… but our little love story didn’t end at that time! A few months later, my friend made this party and invited me so he was there and it was pretty much an awkward moment… but then there was an after party and my friend bought me and a couple of boys with her to her house! The first thing we did was playing truth or dare… and I was dared to kiss a guy on the cheek! So I kissed Mohammad’s best friend… and when I told Mohammad about it, he asked if he can kiss me! I was really shocked because I didn’t expect it from him, and he just came out of a relationship! But my mom warned me, so I said I’ll think about it… but at last I took a decision to agree! So the big day came and we didn’t have the chance to do it but he told me online that he loves my best friend now and I got sad once again… but still, our story didn’t end! During spring break, he asked to fake date him so I said yes, and the next thing I know he was doing it to really date me! But I went along with it… and then he stopped talking me for the rest of the vacation but of course I tried showing that I didn’t care! But we returned friends really fast… after that, my friend invited me and my best friend to her house and so Mohammad called us! He pretty much broke my heart when he told her in front of me that he loves her and he made me cry and we had this huge fight and didn’t return friends until the next year!

After that came Sari… we used to best friends when that Mohammad thing happened, but the reason I liked him was because he wasn’t shy for telling me he loves me… and it didn’t take a while for us to date! So we dated for 1 day and then I called my best friend to tell her about it… and she told me the day before he asked me out he was asking her out! That was the reason I broke up with him… and then I knew that the day after that he asked another one of my friends out! That’s when I was broken hearted once again…

 So I stayed without being in love until the end of the first semester in the 7th grade! I had this new friend whose name was also Mohammad, but I never actually saw him in person so we used to video chat daily until he asked me out! I thought he was joking so I went along with it… and I don’t really like saying that I like him because he is my cousin’s ex-boyfriend… but then I realized that he wasn’t joking when he asked me out so I said yes! And we remained dating for one month! And then we took a decision to return to being friends since we never really saw each other… I didn’t feel that sad until I went to his face book profile the other day and saw that he asked another girl out! I realized that my friend was right, he is a player! It sucked and I almost cried, but my friends cheered me up!

That’s when I took a decision to never fall in love again, because love doesn’t exist… maybe for some people it does, but I DON’T BELIEVE IN LOVE!

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