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Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012




Cassandra Hart | 20 | Bartender & student

Cassandra Hart is often referred to as Medusa by the boys she works with because she’s utterly gorgeous but once you’re face to face with her, intimidation runs through your body and you want nothing more than to just walk away. She can be callous and cold-hearted, but beneath it all she’s a secret romantic and sweet-hearted and the only people who can see that side is Jackson(her boyfriend) and her best friend Dylan. She wears a front because she doesn’t want to be looked at as a weak girl among a sea of strong men. She’s just as strong and she’ll prove it. She lives her life by a very strict policy that everyone loves, but few adhere to. She truly lives every day like it was her last. She holds nothing back, and does what she wants. It’s what makes her such a popular bartender at Coyote Ugly. She can be a truly captivating woman, when you catch her in a good mood.

She lives her life by a very strict policy that everyone loves, but few adhere to. She truly lives every day like it was her last. She holds nothing back, and does what she wants. It’s what makes her such a popular bartender at Coyote Ugly. She can be a truly captivating woman, when you catch her in a good mood. Just don't bring up the past... that's something she is trying to keep locked away for good.


Jackson Romero | 22 | Tactical aircraft maintenance & student

Jackson Romero is someone who his younger siblings looked up to. He began taking care of his younger sister and brother when he was only 16 years old, due to his dadgoing to jail. The reason behind his imprisonment is unknown and Jackson wants to keep it that way. Now, in university and employed as an air force tactical aircraft maintenance man, Jackson finally feels as though he's got his life on track. With graduation only a semester and a half away, he's ready to settle down... with Cassandra. The love of his life. She's the only one who understood him and he was the only one who broke free of her wall when they first started talking. When he first met her, the thing that drawn him to her was herconfidence and spontaneity.Although all Jackson has been through, he's known around campus, not only as the hot guy who walks around in his hot uniform, but also as the most calm, laid-back and relaxed person you'll ever meet.


Dylan Stilinski | 21 | media intern & student

Dylan is one of those guys that always puts a good mood in the room, but no one wants to mess with. Everyone knows that if they need someone to cheer them up, they can come to him for anything. He can make people laugh just by staring at them because he’s just that guy. The class clown who surprisingly doesn’t annoy everyone. Dylan's parents died in a car crash when he was just five years old. He lived with his aunt and uncle in their basement until moving out to come to university. In his life, he has gotten himself in a few sticky situations that most wouldn’t want to know about. Especially his family. His aunt and uncle are both lawyers so they’re completely different from him. Recently he has been receiving these creepy texts so he tries to stray away from bad scenes. He covers up his fear by cracking jokes, and trying to live his life to the fullest, although it’s not really working. He hopes they wont ever have to find out about his stupid mistakes but sometimes he has his doubts.


Derek Gautier | 21 | drug dealer/underground fighter

Derek, long story short, just doesn’t care. He grew up living in the biggest estates possible, just because his parents were just that wealthy. Although he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Derek seems to not appreciate what he has. He does things he know his parents won't approve of... the bad part about it, he does it for his own amusement. Being locked a majorit of 10 times and being banned from nearly 20 places, his parents just send him money and bail him out and look the other way. Never showing any compasion, his parents are barely there.

With his arrogant and sarcastic it’s nearly impossible to get him mad, although when someone truly ticks him off it’s not a pretty sight to see. No judgements are made when talking to him; in his opinion, if everyone just lit up and shut up, the world would be a much way better place. He has no tolerance for anyone else’s bullshit, though he won’t be rude about it. Through his life, Derek has just conditioned himself not to care, and been very successful.When he was younger, Derek was one of the most energetic kids in town, always full of life and adventure. It was impossible to top his incredible creativity, his dedication to every idea he had, and the pure wonder and joy he got out of living. He was everyone’s friend. But that all changed on his eighteenth birthday. Something changed him completely... made him almost heartless. After soon disappearing from high school, he returns back to Cassandra's life... making things beyond hard because he knows her past... something almost no one else knows now.


Michelle Stamos | 20 | socialite/librarian at school library

When you first meet Michelle, she seems like the most sweetest girl on the surface... sadly, that's not the case. Michelle was born to a single mother and a father who never seemed to disappear from the picture. Oddly, this never seemed to bother the young girl, or so she led on. She grew up with little money and for the most part, it hadn’t been a problem for her. She was happy and chill with her life, her lifestyle. Just her and her mother, and Michelle loved every bit of that. She became a bit rebellious in her senior year, getting two tattoos; one on her side hip, and one on her thigh. It was due to her father’s random disappearance as a child that growing up, Michelle had never put too much trust into guys or people for that matter. It was always about being their for herself, and no one else. A few people had slipped their way in and made a special place close to her heart, but she knew that in the end, she could only trust herself... although she portrays being friends with people to get the latest drama. Being the beauty she was, she went far with places and even further with her talent, being a socialite and focusing on fashion. She also had the one dream of getting out of her mother out of their small and cramped apartment on the wrong side of town. It was due to her upbringing that Michelle became the girl she was. Tough on the inside and out and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in or showing a person she could fight. It was also that part of her life that had made her despise the majority of the elite of the city and the majority of the families, no matter who they were.

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