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A poem of the feelings some of us possess when a break-up occurs.

Submitted: October 27, 2009

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Submitted: October 27, 2009




You should know how it feels

that terrible pain

your head reels

as you watch the rain

smiles on the outside

horror on the in

your mind on the farside

they say it's a sin

your stomach rolls

the mind clouds

you miss the hold

of the compliment to your soul

helplessness sinks in

jealously never quits

you can never win

all you can so is sit

watch the rain

as it pours down the sill

feel that pain

time stands still

the hour before dawn

you sit, still awake

your mind has withdrawn

all you can do is quake

fear presses down

depression stalks nearby

that funny clown

is all a lie

swallow it down

these feelings so strong

feel the ground

that has trapped you here for so long

breathe deep

think slow

give into sleep

let the pain sink low

let go of that traitor

for they are no more

do not think of them later

for it will only make your heart sore

be silent

be still

do not lament

or watch the rain on the sill

the one you love is gone

but do not fear

drown them with a song

fill your ear

breathe deep

you'll be fine

go to sleep

the sun will shine

it will all be alright

just wait till morn'

with it's wonderous light

that is once again born

- Lament

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