As the goblins prepares for a talent contest, their leader, the head judge, contracts a bad case of influenza. Meanwhile, another goblin who substitutes for the judge plans to rig the show. This touching yet hilarious story is a great reminder for a flu shot, and includes the authors favorite song, 'Who's Sorry Now?' in the style from 'Return to the Forbidden Planet,' by Bob Carlton. (Scenes 1-3 complete; still writing others.)

Table of Contents

Physically and Mentally Absent

The first chapter takes place in layer of The Forbidden Swamp during winter. Rudella and the other characters (Excluding Leon) are having a meeting about a talent competition. Rudella is in charge of the group and tells everyone their roles (Rudella is M.C., Noel and Leon are judges, etc). She reminds the group that the winner will receive a five day vacation to the tropics and can take along one other person of choice. When she asks for questions, Lampi raises his hand. When he is called on though, his question is off topic and is just plain hilarious. Then T.W. raises his hand and reminds Rudella of him possibly substituting for Leon tomorrow. According to T.W., Leon is becoming ill and may have the flu. Noel thinks it's only a bad cold, but she changes her answer when Leon hobbles in looking incredibly sick. Rudella tells Leon to go back and rest but he insists that he's fine... until he collapses to the floor with bad chills. Noel assists Leon back to his room and the meeting continues. Lampi has another question, which Rudella thinks is going to be random. His question starts of sounding legit, but he blows it when he asks the 'If a tree falls...' question, which has no answer at the time. Rudella has it with the group and announces that "Physics class is officially over." and dismisses the group for the evening. End of Chapter 1 Read Chapter

What are the Odds?

Chapter 2: What are the Odds? (After the meeting, it's late and everyone decides to turn in. Noel is about to leave when Lampi stops ... Read Chapter