Soulmate (working title)

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Xander lived the life of a God on Mount Olympus not caring about anyone or anything. However Zeus decided to send the gods and goddesses to Earth to live with the humans they had become cold and selfish towards.

Submitted: April 19, 2011

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Submitted: April 19, 2011



I felt her presence before I saw her. It was always that way. A shift in the atmosphere that I'd come to realise only I felt. Like a change in my centre of gravity, my whole world revolving around her again.

I had to get out of there.

I searched for an exit, my only one blocked by the people flooding in from the corridors.I had to try it. I had to escape, I left my seat and made my way to the door pushing past my barricades, knowing they were the only things separating me from the loneliness I didn't want but was so desperate to have again. I shoved once more and I was through. I raced down the hallway away from her. In the opposite direction my body was screaming at me to go. Every fibre of my existence begging me to turn around, to face her again, to hold her in my arms. I resisted. I had to. She was safer without me and that was the reason I kept running.


\"Mortals, so pathetic. They'd do anything to keep from being alone. Anything for 'love'.\" I laughed coldly at the word, it felt so unfamiliar, it tasted bitter on my tongue. I wish I'd understood at the time it was jealousy.

\"Well you know maybe you could use some of that in your life.\" Aphrodite's eyes sparkled suggestively. I'd never cared for her much, she was always so caught up in things that I'd though frivolous and beneath me. I didn't need love, it wasn't real. I'd spent centuries watching as men fought and women wept and cities feuded. And for what? For betrayal and adultery. For separation by inevitable things like death or war.

\"No. Definitely not. Human emotions are vile, they're weak.\"

But Aphrodite was no longer listening. She was too busy playing with her hair, her vanity consuming her attention. I looked down at the world again, sure I'd never be like those human men being so blinded by what they thought was their true love. Those men were stupid, those men were fools.


As I stood in the car park my heart rate gradually slowed again. I wasn't out of breath, I just struggled to control the pace of my heart as it slammed against my ribcage every time she was in close proximity. It was trying to make her hear it, trying to offer itself to her. This was one of the things I envied most about her. She never remembered-consciously at least- what it felt like. But I could, it was all that was racing through my mind right now so fast it was making my head spin. I remembered what it was like to touch her face, run my fingers through her hair, kiss her. I became so consumed by my memory of her I didn't even realise I was moving. Back through the doors, back down the corridor faster and faster. Before I could even think about stopping myself it was too late; I was through the door.

\"No!\" I shouted.

\"Yes Xander. I'm afraid you are late and I'm afraid this is English class.\" The class laughed at Mr Brook's joke, \"Now feel free to take your seat.\"

\"I, Erm, I...\" I tried to find an excuse to leave the room. To leave her behind, I couldn't force myself to find the words. I looked at the floor and made my way to my seat without looking at anyone, especially not her.

\"So back to what I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted...\"

As Mr Brook began to drone about Great Expectations I sighed. When you'd discussed the book with the author a high school teacher hardly measured up. Besides, I had degree after degree in English, nothing anybody had to say was anything I didn't already know. I was focusing all my attention on the board Mr Brook was writing on. I wasn't reading the words but if I didn't focus on something other than her then I'd start channelling my thoughts with hers and then things would get messy.

This would be a long hour.

Most of my days on Olympus were spent working. Involving myself in the lives of humans on Earth never interested me. Why help them? They never helped themselves. I liked to spend my time with Hepheastus, fascinated by the beauty of the creations such an unsightly man could create. I always liked Hephaestus, he was never obsessed by his own talent or power or looks. In a way I pitied him, typically the other Gods and Goddesses(including myself) were magnificent or controlled anything they wished to. But not Hephaerstus. He served everyone and got nothing in return. Even his own wife didn't stay faithful, she strayed to Ares as she obviously deemed himgood enough for her. This was why I disliked Aphrodite so much. The other reason was that she was always meddling with the humans, it was clear that she was jealous and I didn't understand how she could actually envy these lesser beings. How could she want to be like them?

I'll never forget the day Aphrodite, Hera and Athena were arguing about that ridiculous apple like spoilt petulant children. Everybody except them realised what a petty argument it was. When Zeus had washed his hands of the situation I thought that was the end. Clearly not. What happened? A war. Over a woman.

\"You could have settled this yourself and avoided this,\" I said to Zeus as we looked at what was left of Troy, \"Don't get me wrong I love a good meaningless war between mindless humans, but why not just solve this in the first place?\"

\"Sometimes, I need to let the other Gods and the humans learn from their own mistakes.\" Zeus said.

\"Aphrodite never learns. She'll never be happy, unless she becomes human of course.\" I laughed at how ridiculous that sounded but Zeus frowned,

\"Well maybe this time will be the last.\"

\"I doubt it. It's Aphrodite we're talking about, it just gets worse every time.\"


When the bell rang I didn't go to Biology like I was supposed to. I needed to leave school, leave this city, maybe even this country. Being in close proximity to her without being with her was like not being able to breath. I had to get away. I was getting in my car when I heard her voice.

\"Please, Mom. Come pick me up.\"

American this time, southern state, most likely Texas. The accents and languages changed but I always recognised it, there was something about it that called to me. Probably the vulnerability, she always seemed so vulnerable. It never failed to activate my protective instincts.

\"But it's started already, I just know I'm gonna hate it here. Can't you home school me or something?\" She sounded on the brink of tears or perhaps like she'd already been crying. I understood why, the people here were cruel and judgemental, if you didn't come in completely sure of yourself then they'd eat you alive. I couldn't believe that it wasn't even lunch time and they'd already managed to get to her.

\"What's the point waiting until the end of the week? I already know I hate it! Please?\" She was obviously losing the argument, \"Right, fine, OK. I love you too. Bye.\"

I sighed. I knew I'd have to go talk to her, mostly because my body was refusing to get in the car and go home. I walked around my Nissan Micra and froze when I saw her. It was like being punched in the chest, all the oxygen I had completely knocked out of me. She realised I was there and turned around . I recognised the look she gave me, confused and trying to place my face. She always knew she'd seen it before, she never knew where. At least not straight away. She searched my steely grey eyes for some sort of recognition.

\"Katlyn...\" I whispered.

I couldn't believe how similar she looked to the very first time I'd met her. Even with the jeans and grubby, random t-shirt I couldn't mistake that her silken auburn hair was curling past her shoulders an hanging across half of her face the way it had when she was trying to avoid me. She liked it that way, she was shy and preferred to stay as hidden as possible, trying to disguise the long dark scar that stretched from her pale collarbone to her chin. The scar I hadn't seen in two thousand years. Her moss green eyes met mine as I stared and she frowned, clearly offended by how rude I was being.

\"Who? What are you talking about?\"

Oh dear.

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