Kindred of the Lost

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A man's soul forever lost

Submitted: October 27, 2006

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Submitted: October 27, 2006



Since the day of my birth I have been destined for things beyond the reach of mortal man
Things all the things being ordained by evil and darkness
All materialistic things, riches and such are mine for the taking throughout the land
Since birth, I was marked with the pentagram from hell's fiery abyss.
Even at my birth my real mothered died, as me a terrible sin
From her womb was delivered into the world
Raised by a family of the cloth they had no idea I would be most evil, among men
My life was looked upon as most evil as it unfurled.
The mark, the mark of the beast
From my beginnings, I embraced evil and the dark
Thinking of goodness and charity, was on my mind the least
Evil and darkness within, my body being an ark.
No one can stop me I dare them to try
Most of me are scared, I don't have to ask why
On my shoulder, the mark, showing the destiny away from which I would not shy
Feeling the power, within my being, that would cause many to cry.
I except my destiny with open arms, glad to embrace my fate
I would only pay with my soul, for this power of domination, I don't think a high cost
My soul would be welcomed by Lucifer, at hell's fiery gates
See forever I would be damned and kindred of the lost.

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