The Eve of Restless Souls

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The Druids, the eve oh hallowed souls

Submitted: October 15, 2006

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Submitted: October 15, 2006



So, here we are facing another year
The time of year, when leaves turn color, and spirits of the long dead, roam the Earth on one certain night
We must face this eerie night of souls without fear
On this one night, we pray for a moon so very bright.

Each year, just like the last
Facing this eerie night of restless souls
The night to pay homage to those long gone from past
I am of the Celt, to stay away from the evil fairies, on this night is one of my major goals.

I pray with the Druids, to keep the evil fairies away
I know I must re-light my hearth fire, so I can have protection against the demonic
Lightning a new fire, the embers from a bon fire, blessed by the high priest, from this I must not stray
On a night when the darkness seems so very thick.

This night, that makes one's blood run cold
The night, when the dimension between life and death is so very thin
This night of restless souls, the one of which our ancestors told
The night, when the dead walk among mortal men.

The high priest, the Druid, pray for us, to keep us safe
Keep us from demons and evil spirits
Pray for us, do not leave us alone, like an orphaned waif
Keep the evil within the fiery pit.

So, one more year, we face this horrid night
But with the help of our high priests, using everything from their arsenal to keep us safe
Keep us safe, from any kind of evil plight
Within the bosom of the living, pray to keep us all very safe.

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