Get Away Chapter 2

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The man wakes up to find himself in a mysterious place he has to get out... now

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



I open my eyes to find nothing but blackness, but I can finally breathe.  I stay where I am for what seems like an eternity. Eventually I think my eyes are starting to adjust and I can see what appears to be a staircase. I try to move my legs and arms and they seem to be fine so I get up and walk to the staircase. As I start to walk up the winding staircase I hear music, a classical song with a melancholy melody with a note of horror every now and then. It seems as if whenever I take a step the music plays faster and faster. Now that I am almost at the top of the staircase and a choir has joined in with the music singing in a language I do not understand.

As soon as I reach the top step the choir screams a note with such power I have to cover my ears in order to keep myself from going deaf. I’m now in a hallway that stretches on forever on either side of me. The music seems to be coming from the left side of the hallway so I walk towards the music. When I think which room the music is coming from I open the door. Inside is a huge fireplace with a blazing fire burning. In front of the fire is a desk with a chair behind the desk. There is no one in the chair but on the desk is a pile of papers with scribbling all over them. The writings weren’t in English. I looked around the rest of the room. There was a black piano with more writings on top of it but the music wasn’t coming from the piano. Then I saw it, a gold phonograph with a record on top of it. The record started to skip. Then I heard footsteps. They were getting closer and closer. I looked for a place to hide put I couldn’t find one. I decided to hide behind the door so when the person came in I could just slip out of the room. I ran to the door and tried to hold my breath so the person wouldn’t hear me breathing

As soon as the man walked in I knew I had to get out of here. The man reeked of blood and there were blood stains on his hands and clothes but I couldn’t see his face. I turned to run out of the room but as soon as I ran out of the door I couldn’t move. I was lifted into the air and thrown back into the room. I was floating in the air right in front of the man who had just walked in. I felt as if I was about to vomit. The smell of blood made me dizzy. I fell onto the ground and he picked me up and threw me into the wall. BANG! I hit my head, I could feel the blood slowly trickled down over my face. Now I couldn’t see because blood had gotten into my eyes. I tried to crawl away. I was fading fast, I knew I would black out at any moment …

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