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A young man finds a male-valkyrie and takes him home.

Submitted: October 23, 2013

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Submitted: October 23, 2013



Once upon a time there was a valkyrie. He was abandoned and the orphanage he lived at was burnt to the ground. This poor valkyrie had no home, and no one would take him in.

Golden blond hair, eyes like the sea and pink wings with pastel blue tips and golden ends with fine skin. He looked very strange.

Poor Judah. All he wanted was a roof over his head.

One rainy day, years later, on his twentieth birthday, finally Judah's luck became stronger.

That day, he ran into a young man with black hair and eyes named Shugo.

Judah stared at this young man's intense eyes and fine earring stud.

"I'm Judah," he said softly.

The man nodded a bit, confused. "Shugo." When Judah didn't move away, he raised a brow, "Need something?"

"A home..."

Shugo nodded a bit, chuckling. "I see. Well... I've got room in my house if you want."



"You don't mind me staying with you?" Judah asked timidly.

Shugo smiled, "You're a pretty valkyrie. I can take good pictures of you."

"Pretty?" Judah blinked. He'd never thought of himself as even somewhat masculine, or handsome, or cute, or anything. Nothing positive at least.

"Yes. So, you want to come?"


And the two left to Shugo's house; a small little thing with sliding doors and a warm fire.

Judah settled down laying on the blanket in front of the fire. "So warm~"

Shugo smiled at him, laying another blanket over the valkyrie. Then he gently tied the golden hair with a crimson ribbon.

"Very pretty."

"You won't hurt me?"

"Why would I?" Shugo asked almost in shock. "If any one'd want to hurt you, I'd kick their ass. You're so beautiful and kind."

"But I'm a valkyrie."


"I'm not human."

Shugo scoofed a bit, gently patting his head. "Judah."


"You don't have to be."

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