The Haunted Road

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Just a short story I wrote when I was 11/12.

Its cheesy

Submitted: December 25, 2009

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Submitted: December 25, 2009



  Dad drove the car on the deserted road on a moor. Mum sat next to him. Georgia and me sat in the back. All was well until...
 " What's that?" I yelled as I thought I saw a dog-like creature run across the road.
 " Probably a stray," replied Dad.
 We drove on happily for about 10 minutes until... a strange white figure rose from the ground and went through the car. The engine went dead.

 " Oh great." murmured Dad as he and Mum went about starting the car. Meanwhile, I left the safety of the car and started to find traces of the white 'thing'. Georgia came as well. Suddenly a huge brown wolf-dog thing came hurduling towards us and knocked me down. The brute had sharp teeth, brown fur and red evil eyes that bore into your own.
 Georgia cried hysterically, " WEREWOLF!" I started to panic and kicked and punched the wolf. Suddenly, the beast went flying off me. Dad had pushed it off.
 " Thanks," I gasped as I watched the werewolf run across the fog bound moor.

 We were back on the road again and aiming for a hotel that looked like a haunted castle, called ' The Wolf's Lair Hotel'.
 Finally, we arrived just after dark. There were forests all around. . .

 " After you," I said to Georgia, later that night. We were outside our room. When we arrived at the hotel earlier on, the creepy looking owners had given us our dinner, and now the woman, Mrs C.A. Scary, had shown us our room, and left. Georgia gave me a look.
 " Fine," I said. I slowly creaked open the door...

 I looked left...then right....then left again...and entered. I turned on the light. There were two beds, a chair, a wardrobe and a mirror. Georgia placed her stuff on a bed and opened the wardrobe, saying, " I going to get changed behind the do- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"
 Georgia fell back in a dead faint and a huge figure came out. It was a werewolf!
 " HELLO MY CHILDREN!" it growled . He was about to take a bite of Georgia when Mum, Mrs Scary, and the butler Johnny Cash rain into the room. Mr Cash carried a picture of a star.
 The wolf howled and growled, " You'll be sorry." he bent over Georgia.
 " NO!" I cried, and lunged at the werewolf. I cried in pain as he bit me. It then ran off...

 The next day, I told Dad about the bite. " Oh dear!" he cried, " That means that you'll turn into a werewolf!" Dad said as he hugged me.

 That night, and other nights, I turned into a beast. So beware...


P.S. Little children, this story is NOT real.

P.P.S. No really, it's not.


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