Learner, Reader, and Writer

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Writers are the speakers of our times. Readers and Learners take what we have said, and put a bit of themselves in our work and call it their own.

Submitted: February 24, 2007

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Submitted: February 24, 2007



I'm not a Reader,

Who speaks from the hand.

I'm no a Learner,

Who speaks from the mind.

I'm but a Writer,

Who speaks fom the heart

and soul combined.

I'll never stand,

Infront of the masses,

And bare my heart,

for their vicious eyes.

Instead I wait,

and see how much it takes,

To overcome the lies.

For when we lie,

It consumes us inside.

It takes our virgin lives,

unleashing deamons self-made.

These devils take us ove,

until i stand alone,

a seraph in the devil's parade.

Til finally,

when all is gone,

You'll find me,

And take me home.

For I'm a Writer,

I'm a speaker of kinds,

and I live in a poem.

© Copyright 2019 Landin Johnson. All rights reserved.

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