The Reality

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This was a slam poem I had to write and preform in my English 12 class as a project for reading the story Beowulf. The poems was heavily influence by Beowulf and the poem talks about my "demon".

Submitted: January 26, 2018

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Submitted: January 26, 2018



Every day starts the same.

We wake up,

We get our stuff and were off to wherever we are going.

For me its school.

A place where some will say is a monster’s lair waiting for its next victim or a safe haven for the time being,

For me it’s a true challenge of facing my worst nightmare,

That I can’t ever escape from.


As a person who suffers from the cruelest monster of them all,

To only be named as CAPD.

This MONSTER plays tricks in their victim’s minds.


*mini pause*

It only speaks in rhymes.

And when it speaks,

It speaks several rhymes all at the same time.

As the victim to the MONSTROSITY,

Anything and everything that I hear is always challenged by the doubt.



Did you just say there’s fries on the horizon or flies on the horizon?

When it was fire on the horizon.

Why do I do this?

Or when I say or write something there’s always something that I want to change in it or something wrong with it,




Why is my goddam mind like this!!!

Why can’t I behead this monster and be done with it all!!!




Just keep it cool.

Just say yep or ok and everything is going to be fine.

This be a simply rule,

That isn’t too cruel,

I just got to remember this is just another day at school.



There’s things that I wish I would do,

But I don’t because of this monster.

This doesn’t get me the things I wish for,

Nor the respect I get.

But only if they understood what was going on,

*quick snap*

But even if they did,

*hold for a sec*

They couldn’t understand the fact,

That my brain is damage without any potential care.

And there’s not light at the end of this tunnel,

To make all of this just go away.

So everything I do is a fight against this monster.

And everything that I do,

Is like giant guessing game with missing pieces.



I speak about my cruel monster as if it was a perdon,

A thing that no one can live with.

But it’s not.



There’s no way to beat this monster.

You can’t run or hide form it.

It’s always going to be leaking right behind you.

Many have faced this monster,

And didn’t prevail against it.

But for me,

I found the golden path.



I’ve have walk the longest road,

Through the harshest conditions,

To March right on up to the monster’s den,

To stare right into it bloody eyes,

Just to say,



I forgive you,

I accept you,

Let’s work together to make US better.



I tell you know.

It’s been a very hard road.

The hardest thing that I have to face.

But look at me now.

I’m graduating early with a GPA of 3.8

And I’m doing this with this monster breathing down my neck everywhere I go,

And yes this a grade A major pain in the arse,

But there’s no bigger achievement that I can do then to do this,

And to be do this,

while guessing most of the way through.



This is my brutality.

But it does notstop my reality,

Nor does it stop me from prevailing in my life,

Or preventing me from being happy.



I accept you monster.

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