The Sound of a Scream

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a little poem i wrote early one day...

Submitted: March 09, 2008

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Submitted: March 09, 2008



Broken hearts and broken dreams,

I can’t focus with all these screams.

The crying father with a corpse in his arms,

Holding the daughter he swore he’d never harm.

While in the kitchen, his wife hasn’t a clue,

She’s too liquored up to know what to do.

And upstairs, his paper dotted with tears,

Their teenage son writes out his fears.

Home is where the heart is? Fuck that shit.

Broken families wont swallow it.

The man staggers down the hall, back to his wife,

Then just collapses and prays for a regular life.

Cause you can’t know the worst until you’ve lived it for real.

Think you can? Think you can feel what we feel?

Close your eyes, picture your family scene,

Now in the background, add a crying daughter’s scream.

Cause the media doesn’t report this stuff,

With a war over there we’ve all had enough.

But it’s hard for the broken to take their stand,

When they’re living in the goddamn promise land.

Darfur, G8, Afghanistan, too,

Seem like dreams when nightmares come true.

Even 9/11 seems like nothing at all,

When compared to the blood on the living room wall.

Amber alerts override the attention,

Received when the name “Osama” is mentioned.

You really want peace? Then make a move,

Show this world that you got something special to prove.

Don’t just close your eyes and say it’s a dream,

Or you just might awake to the sound of a scream.

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