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little poem written in english class

Submitted: March 09, 2008

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Submitted: March 09, 2008



Dark-filled clouds come rolling in,

Matched by the horrid dark within.

Thunder shakes my very soul,

But I, unshaken, unconsoled.

Remain amongst the fallen boards,

Perhaps the homes to fallen lords.

Alone tonight with but my thoughts,

Which aids me later, maybe naught.

My anger matched by bolts above,

For lightning holds no thoughts of love.

Even now, I still despair,

Hate myself, myself impaired.

Left to thoughts on torrid nights,

Leads to cruel, horrid sights.

Raindrops crash to earth outside,

Out where darkness might reside.

Out where angels, hypocrites,

Devils, martyrs, pacifists.

All keep council in the eve,

Amongst the wind and rolling seas.

Out in the dark where wolves do hide,

Shadows play, mock suicides.

Lewdest measures go unseen,

Save when lightning shines on thee.

For, what say have mortal men,

What claim to honor can we contend.

Chief of animals, and yet,

Humanity seems derelict.

Lost in thoughts and self-decay,

I notice not the storm’s away.

I notice not the sunny gleam,

I notice not the sparkling stream,

The sounds of spring elude me as well,

While I am bound by thoughts, so fell.

Beams of gold pass by my face,

Illuminates sad thoughts of grace.

© Copyright 2018 Landin Johnson. All rights reserved.

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