Are You A Poet?

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Submitted: April 16, 2013

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Submitted: April 16, 2013



Are You a Poet?


Are You a Poet?

Or an impersonator?

Who are you?

Ain’t it time my brother

To know the answer?

How long is there in time

To ponder on the question?

Why be daunted by the answer?

What if it’s your own?

So what if you confirm the name?

Must you have a reader?

A judge?

Must you be among the stellar?

Must you be conferred?

And transcended to glory by followers?

Must you be classed in the halls?

Must you be robust and immortal?

Must every mind stumble upon your Picasso?

Giving their assent without reserve?

What if they lie?

What if they don’t?

What if they with brutal honesty

Dash and scatter your art to pieces?

Are you a poet?

Are you one still?

Or a masquerader from sky-blue,

Fearing to survey the earth,

Hiding from the real you,

Looking at you from the ground,

Waving at you to come down.

Are you a poet?

Or a wonderer in wonderland,

Floating between heaven and earth,

A prey between life’s jaws

Long fated,

Long dead,

But still kicking in illusory.

Are you a poet?

Aren’t you still in the clouds?

Swimming tirelessly in the midst of the Pacific?

How is it possible

To swim, swim, swim and reach land?

Why not give way

And embrace the sands of its sea below?

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