The Final Reckoning

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Life on earth has ended. It is over. But the final battle is still to come.

Submitted: May 24, 2012

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Submitted: May 24, 2012



The Final Reckoning



Entry 661

I’ve lost track of time. It seems to stand still…forever. It’s been several hours and months since I took up writing. The devastations were most awful and kept me distracted from making further entries until now. We can no longer assess hours according to the earth’s chronological timetable. Planet earth seemed to have halted from turning on its axis I suppose. And the sun no longer shines to give the earth its light. Also, there are no humans alive to keep a record of which part of these endless nights is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. At this point in time, without the normal 24 hour period which involves the earth, sun and moon, I’m unable to note the precise dates in my journal, so I’ll continue to number the entries instead.

But the devotees of the Bright One coined this period—the Millennium. Before the Bright One made his grand disclosure, life was routine on the earth. People went about their day to day affairs. Then—His arrival followed after a trail of destruction down here. The earth and its people reeled in his presence, and he took many of his loyal slaves with him—both dead and alive, back to the seventh paradise.




Except for our kind who light up this place, darkness engulfs the whole earth. As I winged from continent to continent, I saw nothing but the aftermath of the destruction. Massive bridges were laid to rest under deep waters. Sky scraping buildings and houses were brought low with humans trapped inside of them. I remember hearing shrieks coming from those who were still alive. Others were struck by large balls of fire falling from the skies. Shrills and desperate cries came from one end of the earth to the other. No authorities could maintain control. No firefighters could be present in all places to quench the massive flames. No live press from the White House could be heard to assure the masses of their presence. No armies were strong enough for the stabilizing of such world wide calamity. Not even our good old Vicar of Christ could be present to mutter a prayer. The Basilica seemed to have been hit the hardest in the territories of Rome. No United Nation’s assistance came forward. Indeed, it was terrible. Every nation was powerless simultaneously. Poor souls, but they had it coming. The Bright One surely visited us; no human life was spared. Those who managed to stay alive for a little longer soon died from a strange radiation which pervaded the earth like a messenger of death. There is no life even among the species of the wilds and the deep. Observing all around me and distances away, I see that the glories of man had been laid to dust. Their most crowning achievements and monuments became nothing in one moment. Dead bodies lie every where before me. I sit now upon a large piece of a grey granite rock and am wretched. The time came and we knew it would, but many of them didn’t have a clue nor cared. And there was nothing we could have done to stop the intrusion. The Bright One made his grand entrance and gave to the inhabitants of planet earth a rude awakening.

But before this, we labored and hustled, and boy did we hustle. We had some victories—wait, many—many victories. Those on our side now are as the sand of the sea. We had brought many to our path while a few managed to awake and escape our grip. We intermingled into the lives of humans our own values and principles in so many ways. They were such fools. But now, I sit here in this gloomy earth, filled with darkness and no light.

Look at all of this. The earth is destroyed all over, not a soul in sight—alive that is. There are only bones which lie all throughout the planet with no one to give them honorable burials. From a birds-eye view, I saw many empty graves. Upon landing, I’ve walked some foggy roads and alleys, and I must be careful not to step on cadavers. Oh! What a stench—these filthy humans!





It has occurred to me and my companions that there’s nothing to execute, not a soul to drive to mad. Ah, what a misery! So I write. My companions wonder why I still bother to record things. I do it to keep my thoughts off these torturous nights of finding no living among the dead. It’s a habit. It is consoling, especially as I know all too well, our final reckoning will come. I and my companions will soon be singed. I dread the torch from his hands. Oh the dread of each moment within these intervals of undefined minutes and hours. I fear most of all the end of the thousand years; for one of his early devotees had claimed by prophetic inspiration that there would be a third and final visitation.


Entry 662

We all gathered around the master as we usually do when ever we brought reports concerning the humans. The meeting place was at a large (what humans call) football field they use to occupy in their regular moments of distractions. Now its green grass was filled with large rocks and some huge holes on its grounds, along with dead bodies of humans with their heads covered in strange helmets, scattered throughout the field. There were many other bodies in various places with many of their eyes sunken within their skulls on bleachers and tracks. We were thousands of thousands when we flocked over to meet with him who chose to sit on a large meteor as his stage. “Oh great and dreadful lord,” I said as I flew to approach the huge rock to bring my report, “what must we do now? The earth is in a terrible state of inactivity. There’s no one to commit murder or be murdered; no one to intoxicate; no relationships to destroy; no families to harass; no believer to watch and persecute; no persons alive to sell me and my companions their souls for riches or fame; no one alive to deceive; no youths; no teens to confuse; no prostitutes to recruit; no night clubs to visit and dance; no Hollywood; no music; no producers of entertainments to inspire; no stars to admire; no gangs or mobsters to organize; no one to sell or buy the products, and no one to possess!. How much more of this can we take lord!? ”


Before the master could speak, another recorder, Belphegore, spreading his four wings, flew over next to us from the assembly and added to our complaints, “Forgive me most dreadful one if I may speak?”


“Go on,” said the master.


“Well, since that despicable Bright One visited this planet with his wrath, he left us miserable. We have never been so bored in our existence. There is no project in sight. There’s no--”


“Stop,” said the master with an extended palm, “I’ve heard enough from you buffoons, as if all of this caught you by surprise. You’ve read their book. You know what’s written in it. So why do you all whine around me like a bunch of ignorant fools? Unfortunately, our freedom came with a price; but I’d rather be free than to be subject to his laws. We wanted freedom didn’t we? And you know that that tyrant would not have given it to us our way. He was unfair and has always been. Aren’t we naturally independent? We’ve been living an existence for centuries, without taking orders from him. This is the price we must pay.”

“Master, what are we going to do now? His son has won twice. It’s over now isn’t it?” I asked.

“I had the utmost reverence for the father at one time, but for his son—never! So the time has come. Instead of complaining, do any of you have a plan as to how we shall proceed next?”


Of course I knew we were at a point of no return. The master was stating the obvious. We knew there were no answers for our complaints. We were already informed that this period would come. I guess we never imagined it to be so overwhelmingly depressing and boring. Our freedom only feels like chains.


Abbadon, one of the chiefs closest to the master spoke up, “We must leave planet earth. There’s nothing here anymore.”


The master with a low voice as his head lowered to his chest raising one eye brow in a somber manner stated, “I’ve tried that already, Abbadon; but here seems to be an invisible force field encircling this entire globe.”


“A force field?!” asked Abbadon.


“Yes. I found this out when I thought to wing my way up to the highest clouds and suddenly felt zapped by an invisible glass. Next thing you know I was falling back to the earth. My head ached afterwards from the fall….the Bright One left nothing unchecked….”


Voices from the assembly began to rise all at once in dialog in a tone of panic and confusion among themselves, “What!?”— “Oh no!”— “Did he say?”— “You don’t mean—what!?!”


“Silence! Silence I say!! Shouted the master with a most troubling expression I’ve not seen for a centuries upon his countenance.


Asmodeus, another chief to the right of the master questioned, “You mean we’re stuck with these filthy cadavers all around us at every ground?”


The master with a broad forehead and seemingly fiery eyes brushed back his long golden hair with his fingers, and shook his head in confirmation, as his large white feathered wings covered his glorious form.


Entry 663

It’s been awhile since I made an entry, but these endless nights of doing nothing leaves me with no other option but to continue writing or scream in madness. So this is it, the fruit of our long standing rebellion. I have governed the will of so many humans for centuries and inspired them to rebel against the Bright One. It is all over now for them. Judgment from the Bright One brought about their demise.

Well, what can I say? I and my companions have done so much iniquity down here. Like a jail bird in a cell, these seemingly endless nights of being idle forces me to reflect upon my centuries of misdeeds. There are times I find myself looking back at where I use to be. Oh how I miss that place. I remember the celestial choir—the gathering at the throne—the glory of paradise—the peace that pervaded there—other worlds teeming with life—and many of my former companions who remained loyal to the Bright One and the Son. But it makes no difference now. I can never go back even if I wanted to. I had my chance centuries ago before life began on the earth. A great controversy had broken out in the celestial realm because of Lucifer’s rebellion. We were all summoned to the presence of the Bright One and His Son. A deep voice like roaring waters came from a shining light that is brighter than the sun at the majestic throne and asked, “Who is on our side? Show yourselves. Will you take a stand with my Son or with Lucifer?” Little did I know that this would be my last chance to show my reverence and loyalty to the Ancient of Days and his Son. Messenger after messenger decided who they wanted to side with. As one who often sat and listened to the arguments of Lucifer, I didn’t choose sides. I remained neutral. But to remain neutral was also an insult to the Bright One and his son. Those who sided with Lucifer and those of us who took the middle ground were all likewise cast out of heaven.

What made things worst is that we were so angry at the verdict that we had a meeting in one of the planets to plan our next move against the Bright One. We figured that the best way to hurt him back was to visit his new project—planet earth. Planet earth—such a beautiful and magnificent home for a new kind of beings—humans. The Bright One placed his finishing touch on the first man Adam and the first woman Eve. He gave them life and the best that the earth could provide for them. We heard celebration and singing. Messengers who remained at the throne were praising the Bright One and his Son for another wonderful creation. Here we were visiting planets after planets and as homeless as could be. Now we were hearing music echoing at a distance in the starry universe, the continual celebration about life in the new world. For the first time I felt envy and jealousy towards this new creation. And Adam and Eve were like children without a care in the world. They were so innocent. Our master Lucifer had an idea, “Since we could not get our hands on the Bright One to hurt him,” he said “we must seek access to his new intelligent beings—Adam and Eve.”

All we had to do was make the first man and woman doubt the words and good will of the Bright One and finally disobey his law. Lucifer took charge of this crucial task and all was history. If they disobeyed and the Bright One did not punish but change his laws, then He would have to pardon us as well and allow us all back into paradise. It couldn’t get any better than this.

Ah yes. We were successful at getting Adam and Eve to sin, though they were warned before hand about us—a retinue of rebels who were now outcasts from heaven’s worship and feasts—were loose. It was a moment of great joy to know that messengers were weeping near the throne and the outer courts as they laid aside their trumpets and strings. Ha! What a delight it was to also watch Adam and Eve weeping as they no longer could stay in the paradise garden made for them. For the first time in the celestial heavens sadness and grief took place as though it was one big funeral.

Though we were successful at enticing Adam and Eve to sin and break the law of their creator, the plan still fumbled. We weren’t prepared to hear the news that the Son volunteered to take the punishment for the broken law of heaven instead of getting rid of it. It became the subject of discussion throughout the heavenly courts that he would one day come to earth as a common man and live under his own law and take its penalty upon himself for humans while redeeming them back to himself and his father in the process.

At least we now had a place to settle. We found a home among sons and daughters of Adam and Eve in the new earth. The humans after the first man and woman would not be able to see the Bright One and all his glory and live. The curse has brought about this feebleness. Now the Bright One would have to find other means to communicate with his quickly aging subjects as every new born would have to die of old age, sickness, accidents, or whatever the cause.

The son—hmm—tsk—tsk—tsk—has always been a problem! Such love and devotion toward a bunch of unworthy subjects make me sick! He gave up 33 1/2 years of his throne to live among these worthless cadavers and face temptations by our master—how utterly senseless and risky. Anyway, to make a long story short, we made a mistake by causing him to be nailed to a tree. After realizing our mistake, we tried to get him to come down from the tree by taunting him, but he stubbornly remained there.

There was now nothing left to do. Our only resolve was to make sure that his supreme sacrifice accomplished nothing. We would seek to destroy his seed—the church—and the book. We would draw back and disarm his would be followers by offering them better things to live for—Ha!–of course, his most stubborn devotees, who even when we used our agents to threatened them with extreme suffering and death, would not stop proclaiming about him nor cease on calling on that awful name! Agh! Just a visit in time—a sermon here and there—a few healed ones—a death on a cross—and a Sunday morning resurrection, has caused us a great deal of trouble ever since!! So we worked diligently and laid plans to erase or hide the name and message of the son—especially laws that originated in the celestial—from the people of the earth. We labored every century to introduce new laws, religions, philosophies, and etcetera, that are abominations in the eyes of all heaven, but oh so wonderful to these imbecile tellurians. We did a wonderful job in raising men like Mesmer, and Darwin to bless the young and old with true knowledge. Ha! Two thumbs up and a standing ovation to our friend and friends who wrote and proclaimed that ‘God is dead.’ Such monumental tellurians must be held with high esteem.





Like a crooked tree, I have been so accustomed to doing so much evil that it had become an integral part of me. Oh the things I’ve done…, so unspeakable to revisit in thought.


Despite our efforts, many had been ransomed and taken while we seduced the rest of the people of the world to sin against the laws of heaven to the point where they brought destruction upon themselves and invited the wrath of the Bright One.


So the earth at this present period remains in its sabbatical rest from centuries of human labor upon it. Like an abandoned house, it is now chaotic and empty of life. I sit here, a prisoner able to walk the dark earth but unable to leave. All the humans are gone now; they’re either in heaven or dead and decayed down here. But the destruction isn’t over yet. We will also meet our own fate. Oh how I wish we were really in charge of hell—a lie we told to our worshippers. How I wish we could share thrones with the Bright One—another lie—but no, the Bright One would not have separate and conflicting governments to co-exist for eternity.


Entry 664

There’s nothing to record and report. The earth has been so quiet I can even hear myself think; I can’t take anymore of this. As I sat and waited anxiously under a tree for the time of our judgment to arrive, Asmodeus flew to where I was sitting. He came with news that we must travel. We had another meeting with the master, this time in Los Angeles, at least in what’s left of it. A large part of California had been submerged in the Pacific. We were all summoned and wondered what this was about. We had nothing to record and report since there’s no human activity. So we arrived wondering what would be said. We gathered around Lucifer our master who stood stern with his arms crossed. We all stood in a spacious terrain and waited for him to speak after he raised his hands as a sign calling for silence. And then Lucifer our master spoke, “My fellow companions and faithful servants, I have called you on another very important meeting which could very well be our last. As you know and have read, our nights of existence are numbered. We don’t have much time left. This millennium will soon come to an end. The Bright One will return to finish the job of destruction. A new chapter and a new manner of existence will take place on this earth. According to their holy volumes, a life of eternal peace—a life without sin and death—a life of happiness with the Son and the Bright One and our past former companions will be ushered in. As soon as we are exterminated in the lake of fire, that will be the end of our existence. The Bright One will then make a new heaven and a new earth for his ransomed subjects through purification of this entire planet. So…what shall we do?”


The great assembly remained silent…


Lucifer continued, “I for one will not go out without a fight! I have pondered long this whole ordeal. And the only thing left for us to do is continue the course! What do we have to lose?”


One chief messenger from the assembly asked, “But master, how can we overcome the Bright One? He dwells in light unapproachable. As I recall, before the creation of the first two humans, we had a show down near the throne. We fought a good fight, but we were not strong enough then. We had lost. We were sentenced to stay out of all the paradises. Michael and his messengers won, while we were cast out of heavens portals. So how shall we win this last fight?”


We were now looking for answers among ourselves.


Lucifer the master spoke up and we quieted down, “It is true we lost in the beginning. One thing some of you fail to see is that we are in great numbers. We will enlist humans to our side. The ones who remain dead on the earth and those still in their graves now, who forfeited their chance for heaven will stand with us after they are resurrected to life for judgment. And you know, they are like the sands of the sea—numerous. There are great generals and wise men among them who served us well in the past. If we could get them to join us in this final battle, we just might be able to invade the throne of the Bright One and his son!”


The assembly with exuberance chanted repeatedly, “Yes, indeed we must!”


But Pytho from the assembly abruptly breaking the chant said, “I think your plan is great, but how do we get humans who are going to realize that they are lost to help us fight for our survival lord?”


The master responded, “From centuries of wickedness, you still have not learned anything Pytho? We will use deception. Yes, deception. You see, as soon as they are resurrected, we will go to them. I will pretend to be the son of the Bright One through impersonation and tell them that Lucifer is in the New Jerusalem capital. He has seized the throne and we must take what is rightfully ours.”


“Hmm, I see.” pondered Pytho as a hideous smile begin to form from his countenance.


Lucifer continued, “My friends, spread and go from continent to continent—to the ones who will soon be resurrected and incite them to join me for a final confrontation against Satan and his wicked messengers.”


“Brilliant—oh just brilliant!” applauded Andras one of the chiefs.


Lucifer continued, “We shall invade the New Jerusalem that will sooner or later come down from heaven!”


The assembly of messengers roused up in high spirits with their fists in the air as they shouted repeatedly in approbation, “Yes master! Let us take the New Jerusalem! Let us fight to the death!”

After awhile, Lucifer raised his arm again and silence followed from the thousands of thousands. “My fellow companions, soon we shall see the sign of the return of the Bright One. This dark earth of present inactivity will begin to light up at every corner with his presence. Before that time arrives, I want each of you to go to the four corners of the earth and get ready to deceive those who will be resurrected. Use all your ingenuity. I want you to especially find among them, those in uniform at army bases. Excite them to muster in tanks and other destructive technology. Bring them to the Mount of Olives where the new holy city will descend from the celestial realm. We will use every known arsenal at our disposal. We must not stand idly by and be destroyed!”


One messenger named Ragoni questioned, “Will all this be enough to change the will of the Bright One and our fate? Will he allow us to co-exist?”


Lucifer responded, “You either go with the plan or be wiped out of existence by the Bright One without any effort to prevent your annihilation. Now, are we willing to go with the plan?”


The assembly of thousands of thousands once more raised their fists in the air repeatedly, “Yes your holiness, to Jerusalem we will go! We will fight to the death!”


Entry 665

Oh how the plan has lifted our downtrodden spirit. A new hope has risen within me. It is now or never, the battle of all battles. Perhaps we may succeed and earn our rights to exist. Perhaps their idea of a world of only so-called ‘good’ will not prevail!

But I had noticed in the midst of the rowdy and exuberant thousands of thousands, that Ragoni was not so excited. He stood as though a stone and without much expression. After the meeting, I went over to Ragoni and invited him to have a talk. We walked alone through some dark forests and reached a town. We entered and sat in a restaurant, full of stench and some skeletons, that was once upon a time lively with human interactions. Now it had the awful smell of death and decay. I invited him to sit. During our walk we spoke about various matters, but now I wanted to speak with him about his reaction to the meeting. “What’s the matter young scholar?” I said in a pleasant manner. Ragoni was always quiet but very intelligent and a bookworm among the Watchers. I gave him the nickname young scholar.


“What do you mean by what’s the matter?” he responded.


“I could see it in your face that something was wrong,” I added. “You weren’t throwing your fist in the air to indicate that you were excited and ready for the war.”


“As usual, you’re very observant aren’t you?” he said with a faint smile. He then leaned towards me and said, “Sargon, my friend in mischief, haven’t you read and dissected the last three chapters in the volumes?” I was puzzled as to the meaning of his question. From the side pocket of his bright white robe he pulled out an old black worn leather Bible and handed it to me.


“Hey, keep that thing away from me!” I said irritably.


“I despise it just as you do,” he said with a smile. He placed the book upon the dusty round table that was between us and pushed it towards me; he then said, “I want you to know that I cherish our centuries of doing great evil as partners. Who knows if we’ll have a chance to say farewell before the return of the Bright One. So I say it now. You’ve been an invaluable mentor. But I believe and know our existence will inevitably come to end soon. I must go and contemplate on the rest of the remaining hours I have left. I have to go now. Thanks…for everything.”


He stood up while I still sat trying not to ingest his words in my head. There was silence between us as we stared for a slight moment. His wings began to spread and flop. He flew away and left me sitting alone, wondering about our conversation. Yes. Ragoni is right. But earth’s story isn’t finished till me and all my companions, along with our master, are wiped out. Like a good soldier, I must take up my armor and play my roll. Of course, the Bright One has already predicated through their holy volumes that we lost war. The only thing I’ll cease from doing now is expressing my thoughts in this journal.























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