Logan of KN

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this is a story about a consulting detective called Logan Bennett. This sets in a fictional nation with steam punk overtones.
I hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: January 26, 2013

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Submitted: January 26, 2013




This is a steampunk detective story set in the vast totalitarian state known as Karta Nova. Most vehicles and equipment is run on steam or gas and there are old customs applying. The novel is set on the 37 year of the New Calendar. It is the first in a series about one of the great detectives in Karta Nova – Logan Bennett.

Munitions HQ, St. John, capital city

Everything was quiet inside HQ of the Department of Munitions. The director of munitions Carter Leif was standing at the edge of his office. He was wearing his favourite blue jacket with a white shirt underneath. Carter Leif was 46 years old and was one of the people who were in the Lord President’s inner circle. The Lord President was the executive head of the Royal Council and overall dictator Karta Nova. the HQ as a large building formerly two factories, combined with a dome in the middle. The Dome housed the main offices running the munitions Department. The other parts of the building were used to test new weapons and do overall safety checks on existing Munitions. Most of the staff had departed the factory as it was nicknamed, at 6:45 and it was teetering on the edge of eight o’clock. Unbeknownst to the director a cloaked stranger was attempting to climb over the back fence. The stranger gripped the top of the fence and managed to vault over. He landed on the other side and bent his legs. The building were several feet away. Standing in front of the large metal doors were two security guards.

the stranger reached into his cloak and removed a long cane with a hook on the end. He slowly walked across the gravel and pushed his hand up against the wall. There were several streetlamps powered by gas in the area. He walked along the wall and stopped as he spotted the first security guard. The man was as tapping a truncheon onto the palm of his left hand. On his left hip was a small revolver. The security guard was standing on the far corner of the building. There was right shining out of the dome and the security guard was humming a tune. As he turned away a stranger picked up his pace and suddenly swept  his weapon in the direction of the security guard’s head. The stranger placed his weapon on the ground. He put both arms at the back of the man and lowered him slowly to the ground. the other security guard began to walk towards the back of the building and he disappeared from sight.

Carter Leif walked out of his office. He was wearing a blue and white scarf around his neck. As he was walking he began to rub his hands together. The heating system had been switched off when all stuff left so the whole building. The stranger dragged the body into the shadows. He stood in the shadows and waited. Carter stood in the centre of the dome wondering where Bill Howard was. Perhaps he was walking the perimeter or taking a break. There were two security guards on duty on the night shift, each guard was allowed a 10 min break every two hours. Carter stared up at the moon and then set about walking out. as he stepped out of the door he noticed the edge of a shoe appear out of the darkness. He stumbled backwards into the doorway and looked in horror. The stranger stepped into the light and lifted the weapon above his head.

The stranger brought the weapon down heavy on the top of Carter’s head. The director of munitions collapsed in a heap.  suddenly the second guard appeared brandishing his revolver. With almost superhuman speed the stranger ran over to the guard and clipped him over the back of the head with a weapon. The second guard fell backwards and immediately the stranger turned back. over the next hour the stranger searched the munitions factory, he left with two experimental blades, schematics of an automobile cannon and Carter’s ledger. 

Apartment 12B, Rubinstein Ave, St. John

Logan Bennett, 36-year-old consulting detective was standing in the window watching the people rushing by. His landlord, Lee Banter was the former head of house for the Lord President. He was a skilled chef and often cooked extravagant meals. Suddenly the door to the lounge opened and a man entered. The man was probably of similar age to Logan but his hair was a brown, rather than black. He was wearing a long black trench coat. He had a trilby hat on. Logan remained facing the window. The man sat down and took off his hat. ‘I presume you are here to procure my services as a consulting detective’ Logan took a cigarette from the packet in his breast pocket. He began to smoke it as he turned around. Logan sat down on the leather sofa opposite his guest. ‘That I am Mr Bennett. My name is Richard Koblenz and I work for the inquisitors office’, the inquisitors office was the secret police service of Karta Nova.

‘I take it that you have heard of the Munitions Headquarters in central St John have you not?’ Richard Koblenz was lounging back on the chair.  Logan nodded his head and snuffed his cigarette out in the ashtray. ‘1 weeks ago this night, the HQ came under attack from a cloaked individual. He managed to incapacitate one guard,  then he murdered the director Carter Leif and finally the took out the other guard. According to the two guards the man was wielding some sort of cane with a hook on the end which I believe is known as a Annett, named after its creator. He stole the ledger owned by Mr Leif, two experimental pistols firing through to barrels and most importantly schematics for a kind of automobile cannon which was designed by the Lord Minister’.The Lord Minister was a man called Jameson Stryker, the eldest son of the Lord President – Marshall Stryker.

Logan lit a second cigarette and stood up. He walked back over to the window and began to gaze out. ‘So the inquisitors want my help, that’s not what you guys said when I wanted to join four years ago. It was said that my methods of detection were unorthodox and to radical, and I have been hearing that you have been operating death squads in the new occupied territories’. Richard Koblenz took out a cigarette from his packet and began to smoke.’ I’m afraid all you have said is absolutely correct, but all matters concerning as are being monitored by a council of six members. Anyway I’m going to take you to the factory now and then I will assist you in any way you see fit’. A smirk appeared on Logan’s face and he turned around.


Edstrom Suburb, St John

The mysterious stranger aka Harry Jaeger opened his door and stepped inside his large house. The house was located in the wealthy suburb of Karta Nova’s capital.  Harry was 34-year-old individual, the son of  the former defence minister Leighton Jaeger. Harry walked into his lounge space. He crossed the room and  stood in the middle of the room. He bent down and removed small piece of loose carpet. Beneath it was a square panel with a keyhole. Harry insisted a long gold key and turned it clockwise.  he pulled it open and revealed a small safe beneath the floor. He reached inside and removed the rolled up schematics for the experimental cannon. A man by the name of Smith contacted Harry the night following his robbery and requested  the schematics. He revealed that it was him who was financing the operation. Harry walked over to the kitchen cupboard. He removed  along leather-bound tubular container from it and inserted the schematics.

munitions  HQ, St John

Logan Bennett was standing in the entranceway to the Dome. He was crouched down inspecting the floor. There was a footprint which had been preserved since the robbery. Logan took out a notepad and began to sketch the footprint. It was from a quite large shoe, quite possibly a hunting boot. Standing directly behind him was Inquisitor Richard Koblenz. ‘Have you got any ideas Mr Bennett’, ‘Well I would think the person who committed the crime is either extremely heavy footed or tripped while entering the building’. Richard stepped over the footprint and carried on walking through the dome. Standing in the archway was the acting director Dante Hartnett. Dante James Hartnett was the assistant manager of the munitions factory in the second city of Santo. He was 40 years old and had brownish hair. He was wearing a red overcoat and he had a pipe in his mouth.  He blew out a smoke ring and stepped forward. ‘Richard it’s nice  to see you again, and I see you bought Mr Bennett with you. I am a huge fan of your work  Mr Bennett and I am glad you want to help us’. Logan nodded his head and lent against the wall.

‘I will take you to meet with the two security guards. They are both recovered and well rested and they are adamant they want to assist you in your enquiries. If you would like to follow me then I will escort you both’. The AD began to walk along the narrow corridor. It was decorated with whitewashed walls and the floor was recently polished. Halfway down the corridor on each side there was a door. Dante Hartnett walked to a large door and pushed it open.  Sitting on the edge of a desk was a man in his 40s, he was wearing a T-shirt of the St John Warriors, football team. His hair was a brownish colour. On the opposite wall to the door was a sophisticated system of new electrical bells. ‘John Greenville this is Logan Bennett’ John Greenville stood up and extended his hand. ‘Nice to me you Mr Bennett’. The acting director turned on his heel and walked out of the room. ‘I am Richard Koblenz of the Inquisitor’s office. Where might your colleague  be at this time, I believe his name is Xavier Lee’.

The man sat down on a large leather chair in front of the bells. ‘Xavier went for a walk in the back courtyard, he’s not been right since the attack and I really fear for his mental health’. Logan pulled of the chair and sat opposite John Greenville. ‘Mr Greenville can you tell me what happened’, Richard Koblenz stood in the corner of the room with a notepad in his hand. ‘Well me and Xavier came on shift at around six o’clock. Most of the people inside were gone. I had a brief conversation with Carter at around 6:15 while he was still working. I took up duty at the far corner  of the building. Xavier took his position in front of the dome and waited. It was relatively uneventful until 7:50. I turned around and walked towards the back of the building. When I next turned the corner I spotted the stranger bringing the weapon down on Carter Leif. I pulled out my revolver and began to run. The next thing was something that I have never seen before, the stranger used almost inhuman speed and he attacked me’.

Jameson Park, St John

Harry Jaeger walked into the park from the street. He was wearing a hooded blue overcoat.in his left hand was a circular tube containing the schematics. Smith was sitting on a bench next to the larger water feature. He had jet black hair and a moustache. He had goggles around his neck and was wearing a brown overcoat. There were a few oil stains on his overcoat and trousers. Harry was a fixer, a man able to acquire or act out any assignment. He was mainly required for missions to do with the organised crime syndicate in the area. He began to walk towards the water feature. It was late in May a year earlier that he was contacted by the mysterious Smith. He was in the process of stealing a priceless painting for an unscrupulous art dealer. Smith said that he wanted the schematics of the mobile cannon, Smith planned the whole thing and had Harry act it out.

There were several rumours that Smith was the alias of one Templar Viceroy. Templar was a infamous assassin who after years decided to branch out into arms deals. He began to operate illegal factories where he forced workers to build a new breed of steam weapons. He then sold them to neighbouring countries and the multiple gangs of the country. Templar made an attempt on the life of the lady president. The inquisitors began a nationwide manhunt and they believed that Templar had been killed by several of his workers. Harry wasn’t sure if it was true, he was really regretting excepting the money.

Harry walked around the water feature and carried on towards the bench. Smith rose from his seating position and crossed over the grass. ‘So you’re Harry Jaeger, fixer extraordinaire. I am Smith’. Smith extended his left hand but his right behind his back. Harry removed the tubular bag off his shoulder and placed it on the floor between them. ‘This is what you requested Smith, now take it and let me leave’. Smith moved his hand to the front. He was holding a small pistol with a black handle. ‘Not so fast. I have one more assignment for you’. Harry stepped back slightly and stopped when he saw Smith tightening his grip around the pistol. ‘I will do one more assignment for you Smith’.


Munitions factory

‘I know who could have done this’, shouted Logan as he jumped up from his seat. ‘So who did it then, Mr Bennett’ said Richard Koblenz as he sipped his cup of tea. ‘Well he probably didn’t steel the schematics, he probably hired some help. We now that this stranger was wielding a hooked cane, and I know they are only manufactured by a specific company that mainly supplies them to a certain group of mercenaries. I think his name is Smith, he has been conducting miscellaneous reconnaissance missions and crimes across Karta Nova. I believe he is planning some sort of attack to finish off the Lord President and start a civil uprising. As far as I know his base of operations might be the old Navy warehouse in the second city of the Rotan’. Richard walked to the corner of the room. He picked up the receiver of the phone and held it to his ear. He made a call to his immediate supervisor Telford Jones.

‘Supervisor we believe one of our suspects is hiding out in the former naval warehouse in Rotan. Could you bring the steam airship to our location and send a rapid response squad to the naval warehouse’.  Logan put his legs up on the table.


Former Naval warehouse, Rotan. Following morning

Smith was standing in front of a brown desk. There were two low hanging steam lights tied to the ceiling. Standing at the other end of the room was Harry Jaeger. He was assembling a large sniper rifle; it was tubular type weapon with a curved handle underneath. He grabbed hold of a cloth from the table and began polishing the weapon.  ‘From my estimations I would guess that we will soon be raided by my good friend Logan Bennett and his new confidant Mr Koblenz’.

Logan Bennett stepped out of the large steam airship. He pulled out his revolver. Around the next corner was the warehouse. As he and Richard Koblenz walked around the corner they spotted a large white tent. Standing inside it  was a team of five heavily armed men. each one was wearing a sort of backpack with  cables feeding into weapons in their hands. standing next to a table with a map on it was Jason Tracer, one of the key members of the rapid response unit. Jason Tracer was standing next to his deputies: E. Wallington and P. Memo. ‘Wait here Logan, while I need to Mr Tracer and determine our plan of action’.

Harry Jaeger walked up a set of stairs and walked over to a large window. He put the gun against the broken frame and took aim. Logan Bennett was standing in the middle of the street humming a tune. In the white tent  was Richard Koblenz, who was talking to Jason Tracer the man in charge of the raid. as Richard exited the white tent a shot was fired from higher in the air. Logan dived to the right and narrowly avoided being shot. Richard scrambled back towards the tent. Jason Tracer and one of his men armed themselves. There was another barrage of shots. Logan managed  to sprint towards a street lamp. As he was running he looked up at the building before him and spotted the shooter. Logan rolled as he reached the street lamp. He pulled out his revolver and aimed in the air.

suddenly the shutters were open  and Logan was shocked when he saw the face of the man who killed his sister. The man’s name was Dunstan Kissinger. Logan stood up and ran inside the warehouse. from above there was a barrage of gunfire and then a crash. Dunstan was Logan’s nemesis and was a self-titled consulting criminal using many aliases including: Templar Viceroy and Smith. They had first across each other in Logan’s third case as a consulting detective.

The case was of a murder. The body of a pregnant woman was discovered near train tracks in St John. Logan and the pathologists determined that she was  weeks away from giving birth. The woman was identified as Mary Kissinger. They tracked down her only relative,  a brother named Joseph Kissinger. Joseph told them he hadn’t seen his sister for four years.  she ran away to marry a rich businessman by the name of Lawson. they set about tracking down all businessmen registered in the area and finally tracked down Lawson Claymore. Lawson was a reclusive individual and an immortal of sorts. When the police moved in to make an arrests Lawson massacred them all and revealed himself as the master  criminal Dunstan Kissinger. He then became the nemesis of Logan as he became connected with nearly all the criminal enterprises in Karta Nova.

he managed to track down  Logan and he befriended his sister Adele Bennett. When Adele discovered he true identity Dunstan  killed her in a brutal way.


Logan covered ground xtremely quickly and he aimed at his nemesis as he went. Kissinger was standing on the top of the table. he has his arms folded and was letting out  a bloodcurdling laugh. ‘Stand down Kissinger, it’s all over. the rapid response team outside we’ll shoot you on site if they have to’. Kissinger smirked and reached inside his jacket. He removed a  handle he pressed the button on it and a blade appeared at the top. Logan was several feet away from the table and he prepared his revolver. His opponent somersaulted over Logan and landed directly behind him. Before Logan could react Kissinger kicked him in the back. Logan was knocked forward into the table. He extended his hand and pushed. Kissinger raised his weapon. Logan span around on his heel. he flicked his revolver around and held onto the barrel. He lunged forward on his tiptoes and swung the butt of the pistol forward. meanwhile Richard Koblenz standing under the tent staring at the shutters which is only just been bought back down.

 Jason Tracer managed to fatally subdue the sniper. Richard began to pace up and down. ’Tracer we need to get in there now. We don’t know if this Smith character has some back up in there’. Jason was standing over the table with his men. He was staring  at a map of the streets. ‘We are going in through the back. Feel free to join us Richard, but I can’t promise your safety’. Richard nodded in his direction and unzipped his jacket. beneath it wearing a bullet-proof vest which had only just been developed by the government. Jason Tracer and his five armed men began to race across the road. Richard was at the back scanning the neighbouring buildings for any more snipers. They came to stop in the alleyway between the naval warehouse and the derelict former hospital. Jason raised his gloved left-hand. He pointed to the two demolitions expert and then pointed forward. The two men were wearing heavy duty helmet and had metal cases in their hands. the remaining three armed men remained behind their boss.

Kissinger fell slightly backwards. He extended his right leg and managed to trip up Logan. Logan fell to the floor and slid across towards the shifter. The warehouse have three levels and the level they were on was the reception area. for years it was used by the Navy to test experimental weapons small enough to use in a warehouse. When it lost its right to your weapons it became a clandestine small size training facility.  Logan grabbed hold of the shutter and managed to stand up. Kissinger was doing a boxing dance and was edging ever closer. Logan flicked his revolver and grabbed hold of the handle.he fired once. The bullet struck Kissinger in the left shoulder and he tumbled backwards. Logan new it wouldn’t kill him but it would just slow him down a bit.  the demolition men but there are cases on the floor. Each one removed a small metal box, when it was opened there was two tubular containers inside. One contained a green  steam type substance and the other one contained a red liquid.

Each man pushed pen type object into each small container. Then they use metal sticking stuff on the back of them to attach them to the back. They stepped back. After three seconds there was a noise of air being released. Then suddenly the metal on the shutter began to disintegrate. Richard didn’t even know the equipment even existed and it was amazing to see. The three remaining soldiers were standing several feet away from the door. They were pointing their high-powered rifle towards the shutter. Jason was in the middle of them. He had a rifle in his arms. Right at the back of the firing squad was Richard Koblenz. He was holding a revolver and he had a backup in a holster on his belt. There was an awful smell from the explosives and a big hole emerged in the centre of the shutter. Jason stepped forward. He looked through the hole. He could see  Logan staring up at the ceiling and a few feet away from him was Smith/Kissinger.

He  turned around and nodded to his men. He then stepped into position and at the same time they all fired. The bullets riddled the shutter it slowly bulked. When it was bent inwards, the firing squad attached their weapons to the devices on their back. Suddenly they began to fire bigger and tougher shots. Suddenly the door collapsed outwards and the men had to jump backwards. Jason stepped onto it and walked into the warehouse. Suddenly Kissinger stood up and sprinted across the warehouse floor. Jason couldn’t raise his gun fast enough and Kissinger slashed his throat. The blood began to spray out of the wound and Jason collapsed onto his knees. Richard shouted fire and all the men fired in unison. Kissinger let the bullets hit him but there was no real damage.  Richard walked through the firing squad and pulled out his second revolver. With both hands he fired both his weapons at the same time. He reloaded his right one and carried on firing with his left.

 Logan was on his feet. He ran forward and leapt into his opponent. To them rolled forward and out of the warehouse. Kissinger elbowed Logan in the face and rolled on top of him. He began a barrage of punches in Logan’s direction.  all the men were flabbergasted that a man survive that many shots from a gun. the only one there who knew how to kill Kissinger was Logan himself and he was being violently beaten by his opponent. Logan bent his knees and  raised his legs into the air. He trapped Kissinger in his position and head-butted him twice. Kissinger’s head was flopping backwards and he was extremely disoriented. Logan  head-butted him again but this time lowered his legs the same time. Kissinger rolled backwards and Logan was able to stand. He grabbed hold of the blade Kissinger had been holding and jumped on top of him. He raised it high and brought it down onto Kissinger’s heart. Once it was in he twisted it clockwise and pulled out. Slowly the life drained out of the master criminal and he became pale.

Logan picked up  the rifle owned by Jason Tracer. He pushed the end of the rifle into the stab wound and fired off around. There was a gasp and then Kissinger was dead. The Riflemen  began to cheer and they all removed their helmets.


epilogue: presidential palace

the Lord President was sitting on his large leather bound chair. It was an awards ceremony he was holding for people who’ve achieved greatness. ‘And finally I am going to give a bravery award to a man who had been serving this country in matters you are all not aware of for almost 8 years. Can you please give around of applause for the consulting detective Logan Bennett. Could you also welcome upon the stage Mr Richard Koblenz, newly appointed Chief Superintendent of the inquisitors’.the room erupted into applause and there was applause from the people watching all around.

It was being held in the gardens at the front of the presidential palace. Standing nearby were photographers with that old-fashioned cameras taking pictures. there were a role of journalists alongside photographers and they were jotting down what the LP was saying. Logan stepped onto the stage and walked over to the large chair. Marshall Stryker rose from his chair and extended his hand. He grabbed hold of the medal and draped it over Logan’s neck. ‘Thank you so much sir’.

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