bordem/didnt you ever wonder

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Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012




alas i sit here bored as shit and lonley as hell

i tried to catch a buzz but to no avail

my piece burns empty and my beer ran dry

so i sit here sober for the rest of the night




didnt you ever wonder?

its a crazy game, this thing. its called love but why, when it hurts, and it stings. why is it so great, and why do we have this overwhelming desire to find a false comfort in somthing thats not what it is seems to be. how do you know when that person, the one you put so much time into "loving" is in fact "the one". "the one", now thats somthing i dont understand when the world is so big and life is so short. or is it that we are so consumed with this thing that we make ourselves belive in somthing that dosent exist, or dose it exist. is it that i am just so insecure and afraid of being hurt that i refuse to let my self go back down a path that almost always ends in pain and hurt, or just ends. when you tell yourself that its love, are you always supposed to get along with the one you love, or is that a common misconseption. or is love  a common misconseption, or am i a misconseption. am i supposed to mold my life to someone else's just so we can say we are in love. or is love a real thing that when you finally find it there is no need for changes. no need to be compatible, will it just happen, or do i need to invest more of my time, more heartache, just to not be alone for the rest of my short life. why is love so cruel to lure you in like here i am, come and get me. only to turn around and it not be what you thought or not be there at all. what a bitch! love is a bitch!love is a dirty little whore that takes all you have for a brief moment of "happiness". cause thats all life is, a bunch of brief moments. what a dirty little fucking whore love is. FUCK LOVE. besides whats the odds of actually finding the little bitch, then how much is it going to cost. didnt you ever wonder?


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