day after day- by landonslester

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letting go of love

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



what am i to do without love

do the broken pieces go with the rest under the rug

at times we tried so hard to work it out

but when i came to talk, you'd have me over to shout

i couldn't keep up with the pace we were going

and the difference between us was the only thing showing

i know you love me as i truly love you

but leaving me behind was the path you had to choose

i don't blame you for being angry,upset,or hurt

but grace full was the way,not treating me like dirt

i want to call you but i know that i cant

what you loved in me wasn't what you wanted in a man

i will not, can not change the person that ive become

what ive tried to do for you simply just wasnt enough

im sorry that it has to be this way, sadly it must be

im sorry that i am not who you had thought of me

im sorry for dragging you along the long road

im sorry for how it workedout we had no way to know

i can not waste anymore time dwelling on this shit

i can not dwell anymore about the reason why you quit

the choice was yours, you madeit, i hope you thought it through

the only choice i was given was to go along with you .

i never wanted to upset you or hurt you in any way

now i don't have to worry about it since you left me the other day

i know that you will be safe atleast from the likes of me

i know that you'll get over any bit of misery

the stinging lasts longer the more i think it through

the ache and pain lasts longer when my thoughts are of you

so what i want is toflush them out, so not to linger anymore

and protect my heart behind nailed barred up doors

the worst thing in life that ive ever come to know

is the pain of having to let your loved ones go

but in timehow everything has its own little way

ill get through these troubled times step by step day after day.

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