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im not a sex toy

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



in the depths of my mind 

lie the pains of my heart

i cant seem to let them go 

despite the fact i try so hard 

there burried down oh so deep 

shamefully ignored becouse of the hurt 

the magnitude of fucked blows my mind 

lingering in silience pain that cant be expressed in words 

the injustice that was done certianly a crime 

to a baby a child a defenseless boy 

how can one bring on such tourment 

from anothers torture recive such joy 

where do these people come from 

how can such evil exist 

too young too few to speak out against 

so alas the evil shall forever persist 

is there no sanctuary for the ones in need 

whee can you find peace when living in hell 

perception of normality is formed by expierence 

if its happened all your life why would you tell 

confining the truth behind crying eyes

the world is ignorant becouse of my guilt 

what can i feel but lowly and ashamed

its my tower of heartache and pain he helped to be built 

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