dont ever blame yourself it could never be your fault

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nothing left

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



 i try so hard to find inspiration

as little that there is of the positive persuasion

i try to be happy but it fades away into the depths

nothing more is sacred except for our last breaths

but these last breaths are wasted on words

mine is nothing that i would want heard

id rather spend mine on the one

who spent thier time engulfing me in thier love

the one i love put these tears on my face

becouse i know that i have lost my place

by her side and next to her soul

for too long now ive played the fool

ive taken up ranks as just a friend

which is just another reason why i welcome an end

im doing what i can and im trying so hard

to break down the barriers thats keeping us apart

but my efforts go unnoticed without a second glimpse

and try as i might all of them are constantly eclipsed

by the shady things ive done and the horrors of my past

constantly worried about how long all this will last

days, weeks, months, or even years to come

i cant escape all of the past i am trying to run from

ive lost all of my happy thoughts that are needed for me to fly

and reach my never ever land up in the clear blue sky

back with all of my lost friends somewhere up above

where theres talk of nothing to bring you pain, not age, life, or love

straight on to morning after you find the second star to the right

your piece of heaven can be found even when your lost in the night

i tried to find my place there but no vacancy was found

the only way ive left to go is down, down, down

my heart is heavy with all the things ive done to you

im sorry that youve cried the tears of the shit i put you through

im sorry that im not the guy i promoted myself to be

but i hope i can become the man that brings you back to me

work, work, work is all that i can do

and just leave you be untill im able to prove

i only pray i dont lose my chance to win you back and call you mine

if i cant i might as well be giving up my try

ill let you go to have your space as long as i can get you back

but if i cant and we are done then i just cant do it anymore because i cant give anyone else what ive given to you its not fair to be with someone and not love them like they should be loved

and all my loving is on reserve waiting on her to want it and take it back

im not trying to upset you but, i have to be true, so i do

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