drug # S.E.X.

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love drug

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



what is it about this girl

she spins my head and rocks my world

what loves can kill

what hurts can heal

the way she will glance back at me 

and can show me things ive never seen

shining eyes,and pouty lips

inviting thighs, with pistol grip hips

bite the neck i long to kiss

i yearn to feel the love of her fist

i love her drug the S.E.X.

my only dealer cause hers is the best

i want no others not even a taste

i know that she is holding by the look on her face

too much good can often sometimes be bad

but as an addict can and will be, ill take all that she has

she makes me sweat, quiver, and shake

i want it, i need it, and cant stand the wait

i know without her drug ill be sick 

but she never let me suffer, so soon ill have my fix

its not like any others, hers is the best

i dont need other drugs, if i have the S.E.X.

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