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everything can break

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



nd finally ill collapse under the weight

the emense burden is nearly too much to bear

giving in and breaking down is all ive left to fear

its all laid apon me as if i didnt know

the damn i built has given way to a river overflowed

i wish i knew id be the well all your troubles would drain

if i did it would not have changed id be there just the same

but im illequiped to handle my life and all of your stress

the mess ive made and all your pain im trying my very best

to hide behind this hardend face made of earth and stone

overtime these tears of mine make even rock errode 

im only as strong as what you can see

which is only as much as i can make you belive

just like you my pain still hurts

like everyone else im only what im worth 

all i have to contribute is my two cents 

it only seems worth more becouse of my mint

god forbid we should find out that im a counterfit

cause all that i am wont be worth a shit 

i wish i was somthing more, someone who was great

i wish i wasnt a lonley man, somthing that i hate 

alas i am what i have built myself to be 

i wish i truley understood why your really in love with me 

but like so many things i wasnt ment to understand 

with it goes the knowledge of why i am who i am 

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