fadded glory

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Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



i watched as a great man fell from grace

no longer a twinkle or smile on his face

the world ripped from his arms, and from his arms his love

his heart was torn out with a kryptonite glove

34 yrs. to the day that they made a vow

that promise was broken and he doesnt know how

he tells her he loves her and does all that he can

but it wont be enough to save this poor man

the shield that he wore has faded away

he couldnt be saved cause she just wouldnt stay

so where is the superman i knew as a kid

wheres the greatness i remember in everything that he did

how was he defeated as strong as he was

left shattered and broken by the loss of his love

i thought i could save him and help bring him back

and show him he still posseses all he thinks he lacks

though im just a boy and not the love that he lost

i cant say that the pain was worth the cost

i cant convince him that he will be ok

each time that she visits and still walks away

as she walks out his face is stricken with pain

i can hear him weep in the night praying shell be back again

the superman i love is gone now there is just a shell

empty, hollow, fragile, and frail

sometimes when i see him as hard as it is

i still catch that twinkle i miss as a kid

but it only lasts a second then again its gone

then its back to a face, lost and not knowing whats wrong

i dont know if he sees it, mabey he can

will he ever remember that he was once a superman

he is my father, mentor, and friend

i cant let this be how his story ends

i miss the shureness in his being, and the joy in his voice

so bring him back or die trying, i have no other choice

my superman still lives as lost as he is

and he will fly again i know, cause in my heart he still lives


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