fever stricken

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im feeling sick

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



t was a cold november night when i first noticed the feaver, she said that she loved me but i just couldnt belive her. it was as though she was from a dream, someone far out of my leauge straight from the silver screen. as she called my name i could do nothing but listen, as the words rolled off her lips with such precision. she was here just for me not anyone else, i watched her as she moaned and began to touch her self. my body became warm with a sensation of lust, all i wanted was one little touch. i watched, i studied her every move. i looked around and noticed we were alone in the room. so i spoke to her telling all of my thoughts, about how she was everything that i had ever sought. as though she couldnt hear me she laid there still, tempting me with her body and spaces to be filled. i wanted to give in and ease the pain, i had nothing to lose and so much to gain. i started to give in to which held me back for so long, the fear of finding then losing love or choosing a love that was wrong. but as i considered that it was love i need not seek. i started to make a move for my will is not weak. i knew what i wanted and all i wanted was her, my sickness was spreading i needed the cure. i began to indulge my self consumed with my sins, awaiting the moment that my healing begins. the healing of my lonilness, the pain of no one to hold, the remedy to a love life that has thus been so cruel. so i ask her if she wants me as truley is i do her. still she dose not answer me, still i feel insecure. why wont you speak to me after calling me by name, is this how you get your pleasure by playing these games. you were right in front of me pleasing yourself, i stand here before you asking for help. asking for you to touch me and to let me touch you. what is it that you want what is it that i need to do. reality is comming back to me and im starting to see why. you would respond if you could, if only you were still alive. i droped the knife and steped back away from the bed. watching as the river of blood flows from around your head. im sorry i hurt you but you can hear me no longer, im sorry for my actions if only you were stronger.  you would still be here and i would not be running, if only you were smarter and a little more cunning. you would have seen that i needed more, more than you could give. that is the reason why you could no longer live.

so now im on the run cause of no fault of my own, never to see her again or to return to my home. she said we could have fixed it but i just couldnt belive her, and then just at that moment is when i came down with the feaver

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