girls and games

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mind games

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



lets play the burning game

try to sear one another andthen toshift the blame

i do what i did cause you did what you do

you leave forothers in front of me,

i bringanother home in front of you

i had a great night as im sure you wanted to hear

im going to have a great night when ileave from here

i found a new lover and nowim quite content

im content with my new lovers and the things we attempt

you say that your not angry, i say that im not scared

i say you are jealous, you say you don't care

i spend my time trying to fill a void that was left by you

you spend time filling yourscause thats what you want to do

i rub it in all nonchalant not trying to be mean

i bring mine home all innocent like knowing she'll be seen

it may be a ploy to get you back, or maybe to let you know

that i don't need to have you here, see, i can let you go

this is my way of gaining space between the two of us

spending my free time with someone else seems to be easiest

lets act like were just friends and weren't ever lovers

till we get back in the bedroom and underneath the covers

then its out with restrictions, rules and theshame

so thatwe cango back to playing ourgame

where i kiss it better, and you take it in

you try to hold me down, then ilet you in

the burning game is pushed aside until this one ends

all will be well until tomorrow, at which point itstarts again

i love my roomies but they don't see

what they are doing to each other in front of me

maybe they do and just don't care

what they do to each other while im sitting there

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